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Need Serious Help with Diet. Weight Won't Budge

Hi guys. I’m 41yrs, 5’10, 188lbs, about 15-17% bf. I cannot for the life of me drop any weight no matter what I do. Please don’t let this post die I seriously need help. My goal is to lean out down to single digit body fat.

Currently, My diet is usually about 188g protein and about 150 carbs. Those are round about numbers. My cals are usually around 2000. I’ve tried previously having my carbs almost 300g on my workout days and substitute with fat on my off days before I switched to my current diet. Either way my weight would not budge but my energy in the gym has not gone down even after cutting down my carbs and fats…even with 20min cardio a few times a week. My workout are heavy with good intensity. I don’t know what to do honestly. Please help. I’m including some pics for reference.

Eat less, move more. You are obviously muscular so it’s not a matter of building up or your metabolism.

You are right on the cusp of starting to get lean so winging it isn’t going to do it from here on out.

You need to actually track your calories/macros, not guess. You didn’t list fats which could easily at hundreds of calories every day too.

Also doing an occasional bout of cardio for 20 minutes might not be enough.

Try 3 20 minute HIIT sessions for the next 8 weeks at 1800 calories with an occasional free meal and see if it won’t budge

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What are your protein sources?
what are your carb sources?

The reply above hit the nail on the head, you may still not be in a deficit and your cardio is probably not cutting it

Interval training and sprints need to be your main focus training wise.

Have a look at some of the current contest prep threads for ideas.

Thanks for the replies. From my research I was at the belief that 1800 cals would be way insufficient but that maybe just what I need to do. My job is extremely sedentary and day usually goes like this

Meal 1: 6 eggs, 1 greek yogurt with blueberries
Meal 2: 8oz chicken breast or steak (never anything processed, mostly organic/grass fed meats) with steamed veggies, sometimes with 1 cup of brown rice depending on how I feel but usually not.
Workout - > Sip shake during workout (50p, 90c)
Meal 3: 8-10 oz steak, chicken, or beef with steamed veggies

This is what I’ve been doing recently for a few weeks…my carbs still end up above 160 and my protein around 180-190.

If I will try for 1800cal how should I split my macros and is it correct any carbs I do consume on this to limit them before & after my workouts?

Id say dont go any lower with cals/keep the same and try this for training…

Loads of good stuff here also…

Great references. Thanks!