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Need Security Camera Advice...


[quote]samdan wrote:
There are other reasons I know it’s not either of them but I can’t go into some of them.

Considering how perfect this roommate works for many, many reasons (again, which I can’t go into here), I’d rather not jeopardize it needlessly.

Is this roommate perfect because she let you PIIHB? That’s how I read it.


[quote]samdan wrote:

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[quote]NvrTooLate wrote:
I work in the security industry. I’d love to sell you a covert system but it would cost you more than you’re prob willing to pay. I design real systems not the crap you can get at Best Buy. So, just go to Costco or Best Buy and get a crappy system.[/quote]

you could take half the money you’d spend on a system from Nvr, and pay holymac to lay in wait under the bed until they came to steal more shit

then with the other half we could go out and celebrate[/quote]

You may get more surprises than you bargained for with HM hiding under your bed.

You mean my MFF on Thursday night might turn into an MMFF?[/quote]
More like it would still be an MMF, but with HM in your place, and you holding your shiny new camera recording the “evidence”