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Need Scrawny2Brawny Phase 4 Help

maybe im having a complete brain fart, but how am i suppose to set up the exercises for phase 4?

The book states that there are 2 days a week training for both upper and lower body,(M/F=upper, T/Sat= lower) but there are 3 different workouts for both upper and lower body. the book says that there will 12-14 total sets per workout, but workout A has 12 total sets, and workouts B and C only have 8 totals sets.

so here is where im completely confused. 2 workout days, but 3 different workouts, and the total sets for each workout dont add up to 12-14 sets as the book states.

so the only way i can get this to somewhat make snese so to do the first superset of workout A,(6 sets) then proceed to the first superset of workout B,(4sets) and then C? (4 sets)and thats 1 training day on monday equaling 14sets?

A1. incl. bench press
A2. sternum pullup
for 6 sets total, 3 supersets
then move to

B1. telle flys
B2. bent over row
for 4 sets total, 2 supersets
then move to

C1. hammer curl, press
C2. pullover tri. ext
for 4 sets total, 2 supersets
so thats 14 total sets 7 supersets on monday, and then on friday do the 2nd superset of workout A,B,and C?

could someone please help becuase im sitting here typing instead of downstairs lifting…


i found the info i was looking for, the book had a few errors