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Need safe diuretic and blood pressure supplement (to use with MD6)

T-people whassup? I posted some time back about an overweight aunt that has asked me to help her lose about 40-60 lb .
She is 4 wks into a Berardi style diet at 25% below maintenance k\cals. She is weight traing 4 days p/wk with some cardio. Currently she is down 9 lbs of BF and up 3 lbs of lean mass (BW down from 250 to 241).
I really want her to use MD6, she needs the boost and extra fat burning. The problem is 4 months ago (before she came to me) the doc put her on Lasix and a blood pressure drug. Her bottom number was running in the low 90’s.
What herbs, supplements, meds etc. could she take to get of the drugs?? Herbalife claims to have some supps that help water retention and hypertension, are these hogwash?
Anyone with an idea please respond, I really need to keep her motivated!!!
Thanks --LW

Another case of the prescription happy MD. I can just see the devilish smile creeping across his mug as the diastolic reading hit it’s last pulse at just above 90. ALLRIGHT, diuretics, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, hell give this woman everything! You didn’t mention her systolic pressure, but a diastolic in the low 90’s is hardly grounds for prescription meds, much less anything other than diet and exercise. Definately don’t put her on MD-6 just yet, you dont know how an obese person with borderline high BP will tolerate stimulants, especially yohimbine which elevates blood pressure in most people. I would start with Alpha Lipoic Acid to increase insulin sensitivity, maybe around 300mg before every feeding. Make sure she has a high fiber content in her meals, even amounts of soluble and insoluble. Possibly try T2pro but I would wait until she gets a bit leaner first. Depending on her menopausal status, you may want to try “M” to help drop some estrogen induced fat and water retention. Try taking her tricep and bicep skinfolds, jot down the ratio (average for a woman is 4:1 respectively, put her on “M” for 3 weeks and see if the ratio changes favorably. If so, with no side effects, keep her on it until she gets down closer to goal weight. And get her ass on some more cardio, her fat loss to muscle gain ratio is 3:1 right now, at her weight it should be more like 10:1, maybe even cut calories a bit more. Too much cardio is not a good idea for T-men, but we’re talking about an obese woman that could really use some help on the calorie expenditure side of the thermodynamics equation.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the advice Marc. A little more info, even though the blood pressure wasn’t in the danger zone yet, she was having head aches and retaining alot of water before the blood pressure meds. Why o why do people do this to themselves???

I’m glad to hear that your aunt is still with the program. Cool. My quesion: is there any way that she can find another MD? Like someone who works with athletes as well? The reason I’m suggesting this, is that I just think that a doc that works also with athletes will be more intune with your aunt’s goals of wanting to lose BF. And maybe will look for other means rather than writing out a scrip. Or find a “Naturopath” - someone who specializes in natural medicine.

From the information you have given, it sounds as if your aunt’s hypertension is due to perepheral vascular resistance ( extra blood volume and/or smaller diameter of blood vessels). It is strange that he prescribed Lasix for hypertension; that is usually second line diuretic for hypertension, a thiazide diuretic is usually more desirable.
Anyways, the diuretic is all she should need to bring her bp down to normal, being it is borderline and diuretics work great on htn.
The question about md-6 really depends on what the other med is she has been prescribed. If it is a beta-blocker ( Atenolol, metoprolol, etc.) then taking md-6 would be a waste of money, since beta-blockers block the beta receptors, which is what the ephedra alkaloids bind to. If the other med is a calium channel blocker or ACE inhibitor, I would say yes she can go on it. Start out with the lowest dose, and titrate up accordingly.

Marc, I am glad to see you got out of Jail.

Get her off those diuretics, some doctors are idiots. Try increasing her flax oil and increasing her water. That should be more than enough. Herbal life can shove it, all they have to offer is herbal equvalents of synthetic duiretics, most likely the herbal equiv is probably the more dangerous due to unknown dosage. With her diet correction and activity up I would be shocked if her blood pressure problem did not start correcting itself.

I need to clarify a few points. As I understand she used to be on Lasix and that wasn’t keeping the water and hypertension at bay so the doc put her on the blood pressure med about 3 months ago (which was supposed to take care of the water also) but wasn’t doing the job, so she is taking some of her mom’s Lasix besides.
Thanks for the info on the different meds, Poman. I will definitely find out what kind she is on and adjust accordingly. Believe me I am trying to get her off this stuff, but its hard to change someone who has been relying on drugs. Everyone’s input is much appreciated.
Its been four wks. and she is happy with her progress, lost some inches along with 10 lbs. now. Am thinking about trying Marc’s recommendation of 300mg ALA w/meals. Has anyone tried this or know of good results using this much or is it overkill?
Thanks again, I’ll pass this on and try to get her to post on the forum soon.

200mg of ALA 3 times a day is what research indictaes works best.

Thanks e !

Jesse, can you believe they let me out of jail, after I sent three clients to the hospital in a month? I told that one girl she needs to wear a helmet on the treadmill WITH a chinstrap, so that one wasn’t my fault. Seriously, I recomended ALA @ 300mg because she’s a big girl, and big girls get more than little girls, except when it comes to sex. I have found no toxicities listed at doses such as these. Definately use flax or EPA/DHA for blood thinning and insulin sensitivity, and doses of 9g/day of fish oil caps have been shown as effective as prozac at helping depression, not to say that she is depressed but fat and happy is as rare as a doctor that has taken more than one nutrition class.