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Need Routine Help On Cut

So i need some help with a routine for when i cut this time around. I always focused on powerlifting routines based on just the main 3 with very little isolation work.

On the start of my bulk (early summer this year) i was weighing 180ish and decided to say goodbye to abs and start to get heavier ( Was also 181 to try and compete at that weightclass in powerlifting). I am currently 225ish depending on water retention, all of my fat seems to just pack in my stomach and love handles ( still have calve and quad vascularity), so I’m going to try and get down to 205 and build my way up to 225 with a much cleaner diet.

Only problem i am facing is my super lacking arms, i am sitting at 16.5 ish with not the best definition so it is very important that o this cut i am able to at least maintain my arm size.

Lower body and back are my strong points from my powerlifting days so they are fine for now, but my arms really need work.

Any programs that have yielded good results on a cut? My cutting diet has already been figured out, i just don’t know what to do with my arms.


I am able to go to the gym all 7 days of the week and currently i have been going 6 days a week with this split:

M- Chest
T- Legs
W- Biceps
Th- Triceps
F- Back
S- Shoulders


Is it possible for you to double up on the arms by hitting them twice a week, i.e. incorporate them into other workouts. This should stop you from losing bulk in your arms when you cut.

Throw some of CT’s metabolic pairings in there man, they rip fat off of you.

Wahts your weekly cardio like?

I will look into it, and cardio right now its 3 times a week, so when i start cutting i will prob put it up to 5 times a week.

ok so 3 times a week of what?

I’m tellin you right now man, you gotta mix that shit up. Heres an example of monday thru friday:

Mon - 30 mins Incline walking, heart rate at 125-135
Tue - 20 mins IBUR or HIIT
Wed - 30 mins Incline walking, heart rate at 125-135
Thu - 20 mins Intervals on Stepper/StairCase
Fri - 30 mins Incline walking, heart rate at 125-135
Sat - off
Sun - off

Even with cardio, dont do the same shit all the time, Switch it up, and keep it consistent!

Appreciate it man, thanks a lot.