Need Routine After Milking Beginner Programs

Hey all, new member here.

A little about me - 24 years old, 5’4, about 152 lbs, workout at home

I’ve done starting strength rippletoes program, followed by Iron Addicts Simple Power Based Routine. I feel I have a good strength base and I have milked the begginer programs. I am in search for a new program for a goal of size and hypertrophy. Does anyone have any good recommendations besides DC training, or besides westside?

BTW, you cannot “milk” the basics.

Have a good read

[quote]JFG wrote:

BTW, you cannot “milk” the basics.

Have a good read[/quote]

thanks-- which article in particular?

All of them?

Knowledge is power!

i’ve heard laynes power hypertrophy program is pretty good. Also many have said Max - OT works wonders

Just find a routine on this site, stick with it and make sure you’re making progressions on your lifts. But at 152 lbs you need to be looking more at the diet as opposed to worrying about your routine (assuming your routine doesn’t only consist of curling and benching). Eat more food.

If you want size and strength, eat and lift heavy… frequently. I am 5’5 and 208-214. It took me a loooooong time to realize that I was not eating nearly enough. Once I got to actually keeping track of what I ate and how many calories I took in, I started growing (4000+ cals a day). Try and eat healthy as possible and lots of it. Alot of my calories come from a sci fit weight gainer, one shake is 590 cals. I drank 4 a day. As far as lifiting goes, I put in work! In the gym no less than 5 days a weeks. Pick a program and stick with it, 5x5 is awesome for size and strength. Read the articles suggested, listen to most of these guys. Eat, lift, sleep, repeat.