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Need Research Info for My Doc


I like my doc and don't want to switch; she's very open to learning about the trt protocol as suggested here in the stickies, but wants more supporting research to back up the use of Arimidex and HCG in trt.

Can anyone help? KSman forwarded me the Canadian study regarding HCG in hypogonadonal men and that is a great start. Any studies, papers or research documents on Arimidex use in male trt out there?

She is open to that and also speaking with other doctors. Are there any doctors that you might recommend for a professional referral?


Btw here is the link to the canadian study (thanks ksman)


Karlis Ullis and John Crisler both do consults over the phone. They're not cheap though.

For arimidex:



Read through them and grab any helpful facts and opinions.


The key point is that there is an optimal level near E2=22pg/ml. Anastrozole has a very linear dose response and low dose anastrozole is used to modulate E2 levels. After getting labs, one can very easily calculate the dose that will get near 22pg/ml. Starting dose when on 100mg test ester is 1.0mg/ml per week in divided doses.

The key to success is steady T levels from frequent dosing, as T levels and anastrozole need to be appropriately matched. Weekly injections are too much of a moving target for E2 control.

Many are forced to self medicate.

I think that most would expect all of the active dosing in http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/full/89/3/1174/F3 to be a disaster as the doses are simply too much for the T levels of elderly men. And the objective of the paper was to look at the effects, not determine anything optimal. And the interest of this thread is concerned with the use and dosing of anastrozole for men on TRT, not old men who are not on TRT.

This research is very good as a dosing reference for hCG as a HRT replacement for LH: http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/90/5/2595


But the greatest hurdle in getting a physician to properly dose drugs such as HCG and arimidex is getting them to prescribe any amount of in the first place. Once they write the first script, changing doses is a much easier feat (at least in my experience). Showing the physician that anastrozole is actively being used as a form trt is one way to get him or her to become comfortable with the drug and hopefully prescribe it. Besides, you will not find any research papers investigating optimal dosing of aromataze inhibitors while on trt. About the closest you will find is Morgentaler's paper and the references he provides.


I do professional consulting with dr that are opening minded about TRT plus I have over 6 years of clincal expereince and also have experienced this from a personal standpoint. I have consulted with and educated dr's on the principles of HRT and provided the information, but it up for them to make the finally call. feel free to Pm me