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Need Repalcement Cables

Yesterday I was doing Lat pull downs with a moderately heavy weight, when all the sudden “SCHNINK-POW” the cable broke. OH YEAH!! It scared the sssshhhhitttt out of me.

The question is, do any of you know where to buy replacements on-line? I have done a few searches and came up with jack. I live in a Town that doesnt have any sports stores, and the closest one in a couple hours away hince the online shopping. Thanks a lot.


What you could look at doing, would be finding some aircraft control cable, they have a very high strength. Though they would depend on if you can find them anywhere around you.

I just googled it and came up with nothing - unlucky! :frowning:

Maybe try calling a sport store since there are none around and ask them…?

A good hardware store will carry cable, ferrules, and thimbles. The ferrules and thimbles are the hardware to crimp (ferrules)at the cable end and Thimble is tear drop shaped piece that cable forms around for the S hook.