Need Recommendation on a New Syringe/Needle

Hi all, I’ve been using 23G 1 inch 3ml syringe/needles and injecting in my thighs but i need something smaller than 3ml because the gradations are too large. The difference between too much and too little T is less than a ml and I can hardly see. Can someone recommend a smaller needle - I find them really hard to find and I don’t understand why. There are many 1/2 inch needles that are 1cc but not many 1 inch needles. Is 1 inch needle necessary if I shoot into my thigh? Can someone recommend a good needle/syringe and perhaps a good online place to buy? Thanks a ton! -Mike

Depends on how lean you are. If you are lean to very lean, 1/2in is good enough. Got some meat on the bones, might take 5/8 to an inch. I linked a website but looks like they are out. I get mine at Walgreens for .25cents each. But I am also using the 3ml syringe. I don’t inject the same amount every time. I inject Tues and Sat

This is where I get my syringes. Looks like they might have something for you

i’m 6’1, 200 lbs. not terribly fit. Think 5/8 is enough? I don’t understand why this is so hard to find. 3cc needles are wholly inadequate for accurately dosing test.

no. unless you inject subcutaneously, which is a viable option. if you’re carrying a fair amount of bodyfat, 5/8 won’t get the job done, 1 is more appropriate, for IM injections.

Syringes and needles can be bought separately, are you aware of this? Do you draw with the same needle you pin with? I use a 3mL syringe with a 1" needle for drawing, then i attach a 5/8x25ga needle for injecting. I buy the syring/1" needle as the combo, and purchase the 5/8 needles separately.

Are you in the US or somewhere else? I have absolutely no trouble finding what you’re looking for here, it’s not difficult.

Suq Q is a better option imo. Especially if you are injecting Lower volumes.

I’m probably a similar build to you and use a 1/2" 28g insulin syringe to inject into my quad. I do rotate in the occasional subq injection which the the needle works great for too. No problems ever.

I bought a 100 count box of excel 1ml (1cc) luer lock syringes. These have .01cc graduations so dose accuracy is awesome. I also bought a 100 count box of excel 18g/1inch luer lock needles for drawing, along with another 100 count box of excel 25g/1inch luer lock needles for injection. It’s enough to last me almost a year.

Total price before shipping - $56

Shipping is a little high at $25 bucks but again, it’s a once a year thing.

I got my stuff from east coast medical. I never could find exactly what I wanted in a combo (needle/syringe) so I just bought it all a le carte. Luer lock (not luer slip) was a must for me, because I have a tendency to pull the slip type off when trying to uncap the needle. The lock solves that issue.