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Need quick leg mass and strength

Hey guys,
LaCrosse season is coming up in about 5 or 6 weeks and I need to pack on some serious size and strength onto my legs and calves(like an inch and a half or two inches) REALLY QUICKLY! I know of Ian’s Limping Program but I don’t have enough time to get that in before the season starts. I’m not too busy right now so I’m willing to put in any amount of time, work, pain, and half-digested food that’s needed. Got any ideas or programs? If it helps I’m 6’0" 148 lbs, about 8 or 9 percent bodyfat. I get around 200 grams of protein daily and 8 hours sleep. I also seem to respond best to low reps.

As far as calves go, i would do poliquin’s calve routine that is in issue 1 of t-mag. One of the best things I have ever done for leg mass would be breathing squats and/or deadlifts

Arnold used to recommend heavy partial squats on every 3rd or 4th leg workout. He said it could put a couple of inches on your thighs in no time. I tried it and I have to admit it worked pretty well, although I have no measurements to support that.

digdawg, 5-6 weeks are you kidding? I don’t mean to rain on your perade but you should have thought of this before. Really. Another thing to think about is, why that measurement? You should be thinking about increasing relative strength not size, I might recomend you gain size first, and then work on strength and so forth. But considering the time constraints that you’re working under, you should really be more concerned about relative strength, anaerobic strength endurance, explosive power and agility. This is a lot of skill development for 5-6 weeks. So, to economize on time this is what I would do. Your leg workouts should start with low reps <5reps, heavy weight and move to light weights done explosively at the end of the workout, and maybe some plyometric drills at the very end of your workout. This kind of training is good for building strength and helping convert it to explosiveness. I don’t know what kind of results you’ll get though as I don’t know what level of preparedness you have going into this sort of program.

alex, I have just come off a 9 week sprinting program which has given me considerable results. Relative strength, agility, and explosiveness are the best I believe they’ve ever been. I could still use a little size to accomodate my strength gains, which is why I’m trying to do as much as I can in the next 5 or 6 weeks. I guess I’ll do a squat-centered routine accentuating the concentric phase, accompanied by partial squats and bulgarian squats. I’ll also throw some plyometrics in there as well. Thanks for the input guys.

Start eating already (unless that 148 lbs is a typo) - geez, I’m relatively small at 5-6 155, similar bodyfat percentage. Squat, deadlift, and pound the dinner table already.

If you are concerned about performance during your season, you should worry about size as much as explosiveness. You should use power cleans, push presses, lunges, and squats in your routine(as well as plyometrics). These are excercises that we used in our college lacrosse program that should give the most benefit to your game.

I would still contend that this close to the start of the season you shouldn’t be too worried about size. If you just came off a sprint training cycle and agility and strength and explosiveness are all as good as you say they are, then I would say work of strength endurance. Now that You have obtained this skill level, look twards maintaining it over the course of an entire game. If size gains result fine, but don’t make that your primary objective. Good luck