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Need Proper Plan to Lift Heavier

I have been lifting at school for 2 years-ish now, I’m 17, 165 lbs and a junior. By the end of my senior year my goal is to lift a bench of 315, squat of 405, and a hang clean of 225, I know it’s a big goal to have, and I normally do decent in the weight room but lately my bench hasn’t been doing so well, my 1RM is 225 and over these last few weeks I can barely lift 135, i know my form is good, I even do the whole visualization of a successful lift, yet I still lay in this slump, any train regiments or other recommendations for success with my goal or correction to my bench problem?

What does your training look like?

Post a video.

Yeah that a pretty big slump, do you do a lot of failure or intensity techniques like drop sets or forced reps/get a spot?

Eating not so much lately?

Loads of good training strategies we can suggest once we find what the issue is

I warm up and they I do this normally
4x6 bar
3x5 95
2x5 115
2x4 135
1x5 155
1x4 185
1x2 205
1x1 225
And to increase weight I add 5lbs to the total in each set, it is during my second semester that this problem is presenting itself last semester I would not eat breakfast and workout just before lunch and lift just fine, but now the class is my last period after lunch. That is all that has changed, I always have a spotter, and I try to avoid going to failure, I don’t know what forced reps are. I may have lost the anger I used for determination and motivation but I still can squat like normal and clean the same so I don’t understand how that would put me in a slump

Little more of a outline of your exact program would be helpful

I’m mostly looking for a new program that will slowly but surely get to my goal or a 315 bench
I don’t really have a program I’m looking to get more serious about lifting, looking to increase overall strength not muscle size if you have some suggestions I’m all ears, I’m still realetively new to lifting but done with beginners gains

Not sure I understood - you work up to 225 but lately can barely lift 135? You lost 90 pounds on the lift?

Btw, you’re 17 and your goal is to bench almost double your bodyweight. Takes time but perfectly doable since you’re already in the right mindset to build slowly towards it.
Take a look at 5/3/1, it’s probably the simplest and to the point program you can get while training on your own.
I’m no bench expert but from what you posted, you need more volume - as you said, you’re done with beginners gains, there’s no point continuously ramping up and trying to add 5lbs at a time in a linear fashion. If you’re struggling with light-ish sets chances are you’re burning out and need to deload and start with a more structured plan.

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Yeah I lost 90 on the lift and thanks for the advice for 5/3/1 I’ll start deloading and work my way back up and past 225

Ok either of these versions of 5/3/1 good for upping bench. Will prob need to up your food after a couple weeks/appetite to go up…

Relatively new to lifting but beyond has moved my bench on from 225. Not sure if it’s the 75% with 60 seconds rest or the tricep accessories, but suddenly press and bench have increased. Unless you’ve got something in mind I think it’s a good bet.

5/3/1 ftw