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Need Proof Training Right


im 19 year and i have consistent trained weight for almost a year now.im a athlete and my training is to improve my hockey game as a goaltender.

my maxes are:
bench 90 kg
squat 160 kg
dead 130-140 kg
clean 75 kg

my weight is 76 kg

my strenght program
has b and a workout

A.clean B.bench
squat shoulder press
rowing dips
latpulldown triceps extension
core work core work

my rep is scheme 5*5 with a moderation.
week 1. week2.
workout1: workout2: workout1: workout2:
5*4 5*5 5*4 5*5
the reason because i dont like the single factor and 5*5 might be alitle heavy in the long run so i made my moderation

i train mostly A workout 2 times a week the squat and bench ist the exercises im training twice a week.
I try to go to the gym 3 times a week sometimes due to work it only can be 2 times.

combined with the weight lifting im also running with my team
monday: do running for stamina
tuesday: we alot sprinting in hill and jumping

that im wondering will this program give som good boost in my speed and conditioning?since my squat is prettty good should i stop training it because i dont wanne get to big legs that might ruin my cordination and flexibility?my other problem ist that i always kind of have been kind of slow,will this give me a boost?is this something that i can believe in to excel i sports?


Mate considering you are only a year in your numbers look pretty good. If your squat is legit then you can't be more than 50 or so lbs off a national record at your age and weight?

I won't make any comment on your team training as that's your coaches perogative but as far as your weight training is concerned just about anything you do would lead to an improvement. 5X5 or 5X4 is pretty much the same thing so if you are comfortable with that well then that is fine. If it is OK I am going to make some suggestions regarding how you could possibly modify your program based on your current template? I'm assuming that you don't have any major imbalance or injuries?

Session A
Explosive Full Body Pull Exercise
Lower body quadricep dominant work + some supplementary single leg hamstring dominant work.
Upper body horizontal/vertical pushing work + some supplementary horizontal/vertical pulling work.

Session B
Explosive Full Body Push Exercise
Lower body hip dominant work + some single leg quadricep dominant work.
Upper body horizontal/vertical pulling work + some supplementary horizontal/vertical pushing work.

Do your main lifts of the day in your normal 5X5 range and your supplementary work with a different set/rep scheme (4X12 or 3X15...something like that). Vary your exercises as you see fit.

As far as proof goes....well there are no guarantees but I think most people intuitively know if their program is working or not so follow your instincts and don't over think it as it is not the program that is really important it's the attitude you bring to it that matters.


exercise wise how would the split look like


For example:

Session A
Cleans - 5X5
Front Squats - 5X5
RDL's - 4X12
Standing Military Press - 5X5
Bent Over Row - 3X15

Session B
Push Press - 5X5
Lunges - 3X13
Chins - 5X5
Incline Dumbbell Press - 4X12






will a 170 kg squat make slower if i combined it with the running and sprinting?


No, this is an old misconception of people who didn't know better. They believed that being muscled made you slower and less flexible and less athletic. They were completely wrong.


50lbs off a national record at 352 lbs at 19 years of age and 167lbs? You've gotta be getting me right?

Although this isn't a bad squat for a 167 lb 19 year old kid who is training for sport performance and not maximal strength. It's not even close to a national record. Nick Hatch has squatted over 800lbs in the 165 class at 19 years of age.


I wouldn't say it's completely wrong. Squats involve decelerating a large load which will eventually cause sub-optimal motor firing patterns. Add that to the fact that it tends to make athletes "push runners". Being muscular however shouldn't be of any concern as long as you play your sport. Go to the Maurice Drew thread and see for yourself.


well a combination between heavy squatting and sprinting will do the trick for excel in sports


Unequipped and drug free????

That's how most guys his age are training. Go have a look at any of the drug tested and uneqipped records...I just don't see this kid getting in his squat suit prior to his max effort lifts.


The goal for this young athlete is to find the balance between lifting, aerobic exercise and flexibilty/overall athleticism. That balance may, but most likely will not be achieved without squats, or any of the major compound exercises. The vast majority of pro athletes do these exercises and will not take them out of their routines.


well a combination between heavy squatting and sprinting will do the trick for excel in sports


I was hoping someone would say that so I wouldn't have to!!

Anyone know the USAPL record?


Haha you kidding me. So even though Nick Hatch squats 830 in a suit you dont think he can squat more than 350 in a suit? Haha. You guys kill me. And who's to say Hatch isn't drug free?


No, I'm not kidding you.

A 352.5lb squat by a 19 year old with 1 years training under his belt at 165lbs unequipped (and I'm assuming that he didn't decide to take gear as soon as he started training) is a great lift. I'm not in the US and I don't know what the federations are and this isn't really the place to be discussing it but I stand by my statement. If someone wants to post the raw unequipped record in this age and weight class and it comes back as 800lbs I'll come back and and apologise for making a total goose of myself.

If you take a look at my post you see I didn't make any comment about Hatch's raw squat or his current supplement routine and I'm not really interested in getting into it...I was actually just trying to be constructive and helpful...I might as well just go back to being a troll.

To grossen...keep up the good work mate and good luck...if you do want some help feel free to PM me...to binford....small golf clap for you and well done putting me back in my box.


I'm definately not trying to descredit this kid as you are right 352 at 165 and one year of training is a great lift.

We dont really have raw records in the US as most of the better lifters lift in federations that use gear.


ManMeat-you sexy,sexy man

Here is a link to the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation. Drug Tested.


For his age 19 and weight 165lbs.

The current records are
squat 435 pounds
bench 300 pounds
dead lift 525 pounds

This is a very new federation so the records are fairly low. This kid is doing very well for his experience level, age and weight.