Need Program Direction

ey all

well after doing full body workouts the last year and a bit , id like to try a split program as today i finish uni for the next six weeks and will have nothing to do but workout and rest

with all this free time i’d like to try a split program could someone please direct my too an article that has a good work out designed preferably 3-4 day split?

also i have a second question in regard to fat loss, wouldnt it be better to do a split program as opposed too a full body workout as your body’s metabolism will be at a higher rate over the week when compared to 3 days a week workouts? or is my reasoning flawed?

btw if you must know my stats are

19 yrs old, 6’2, 220lbs, bf would be 15-20%, biceps are at 17 inches, I’ve been doing weights for about 18 months now

bench - 220lbs x 6 reps
deadlifts - 330lbs x 6 reps
squats - 220lbs x 5 reps
military press - 110lbs x 8 reps


whey protein
fish oil

you bench more than you squat?

Heres some program direction:

Heavy weights, hard work, lots of food and rest.

Look at Starr’s 5x5. Its a good program.

yes but this is only due too neglecting it for so long, since ive been doing squats maybe 2-3 months they have gone from 60kg-100kg, and it’s continually going up every 2-3 weeks and yes ass to the grass squat none of this half squat bullshit. I’ve been doing the 5x5 program too get it too this point and plan on keeping this rep scheme for awhile longer as its still delivering what i believe too be good results, which in return is giving me better motivation too go heavier

so anyone with a good split program?

You can give Thib’ Superhero Program a try. Here is the link to the workout and the article.