Need Prescribing Info

I got an appointment with my doc, finally. I’m requesting the more comprehensive male panel and other blood work suggested here and will get as much done as I can. I require no blood work to know that I need a script for HCG, as a brief physical exam of testes will reveal. But will need to get results of E2 levels before he will know about prescribing an AI.

I’m fairly sure he has never written for HCG nor for an AI, in case my blood work shows high E2. So I wanted to ask if anyone could give me some info on how the scripts are usually written.

I will give him the info I know, and I’m printing out some of the excellent info posted here, and a couple of papers by Dr. Crisler, etc. So he will know the standard dosage for HCG is 250 iu E3D, sub Q. But is this usually written for a month supply with refills?

Same with an AI. From the research I’ve done I feel that anastrozole would be best for me, plus my insurance does cover it (generic, but not Arimidex). Again, is this usually written as a monthly rx with refills?

I simply want to cover all bases so he will have all info on this visit, as it’s very difficult to get in to see him. I think I have most else covered, hopefully. This appointment is very important so I really appreciate any help. thanks, Stevie

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I’ve re-posted this in my first post/thread: 'On TRT 8 Years…". I appreciate any responses there.