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Need Pins for Bench & Squat Racks


Anyone know where I can purchase a set of these pins that hold the barbell for benching or squating?

I somehow lost all 4 of mine and need to find some quick - tried the web with no luck.

Got several suggestions:

  1. Check out the hooks that New York Barbells sells:


  1. Contact Kam Parts and see if they have something that might work:


  1. Contact the manufacturer of your bench.

  2. If you’ve got money to burn (which most of us don’t) then upgrade to a power rack. You may or may not be able to find a deal on a used power rack on Craigslist.org.

  3. Find someone with welding skills (either professional or amateur) to help you make a pair of pins if the price is reasonable.

FYI, I’m not endorsing the products that New York Barbells & Kam Parts sell.