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Need Personal Injury Lawyer In DC


I got fucked up pretty bad by the cops the other day. I have no feeling in about 80% of my hands. WTF do I do?


You type well for not having any feeling in your hands.

How about looking in a phone book?


It's mostly the tops of my hands, not my fingertips. There are bloody gauges from where the cuffs where. This can't be normal. I'm hoping not to have to resort to the phonebook, as there are too many to choose from. Hopefully someone has some experience.


don't break the law next time :wink:


Go to a doctor. Seriously, right now. Just go. Get it checked. Aside from actually being able to help you with your hand he may be able to direct you to a good lawyer if there's actually something to warrant that [which the doctor will be able to tell you too].

When people's computers are advanced enough they will punch anyone who asks about serious medical symptoms on a forum without seeing a doctor.


OMG, that's classic. I hope I can remember that one.


Typically a civil rights lawyer is what is needed to sue the police for misconduct.

So what did they do that fucked you up? If your claim is that they put the cuffs on too tight, then I'd say you have a piss poor claim (and you are a whiner).


ha, ha. have to agree. and if this is MPD or any of the fed police you won't even find a lawyer to take your case, trust me, those departments are like teflon. maybe if its PG county po po you can get over, but short of getting a rodney king type of beatdown on video the most you can do is file a formal complaint and move on with your life.