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Need PCT Tips On First Cycle

Hey guys I know I’ll probably get a lot of shit for not knowing a lot about PCT.

I’m coming up to my 10wk cycle finish in about a week or so.
I’ve been doing 500ml a week
250/mon & 250/thurs

I’ve heard a little bit about PCT such as starting nolva and/or hcg???

Any tips on how to use these(dosage/timeframe)

Nolva 40/40/20/20

But I’m curious as to the thought process people use when starting a cycle and don’t have any pct planned out?

Is it “il worry about it later” type of thing? What did you tell yourself to justify starting the cycle and not know or have your pct planned out and on hand?

The person I got my first cycle from said he doesn’t use pct so I never worried about it until I started researching more

So just a simple lapse in judgment and lack of research. That’s understandable to an extent we’re only human.

Im not trying to flame you I ask everyone the same question when I see these post it’s just for general curiosity.

Mistakes happen learning from them allows for doing better in the future. Glad you atleast came here for advice rather then skipping pct all together like some people.

Guessing your using test E?

The generally accepted answer is to wait a couple weeks after last shot then use nolva at 40mg a day for 2 weeks then 20mg a day for 2 weeks.

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Yes test E now the journey begins on how to find nolva because me provider for test doesn’t have it

Unfortunately we can’t give direct sources here.

There is places that discuss sources. I would start with Google and reddit.

Reddit is garbage for 90% of shit but they tend to have good information on vetting legitimate sources for numerous things.