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Need PCT Plan After 10 Week Cycle

Hey all. I’m a nube so I apologize if I sound like a moron. I was just searching PCTs and this thread popped up and it seemed to be pertinent to my situation. Hope it’s not bad form to jump back on here after all this time!

I’m coming to the end of 10 weeks of test E at 200 mg/week and I don’t have a PCT plan in place. Mostly because I started my test cycle under the supervision of a friend who has legit bodybuilding experience and he didn’t mention anything about a PCT and he’s really been very little help. I started doing my own research and got a little nervous.

Sounds like I should wait 2 weeks and then start something like Nolvadex. My question is for how long and what dosage? See “nube” disclaimer above. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!