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Need PCT Help — HCG Tapering?

Hey all
6 ft
31 year old male
10-12% BF

Cycle as follows
Test enthanate 400mg weeks 1-12
Dianabol 30mg ED weeks 1-5
I’ve also realized that I should have run the Dbol at the end of my cycle instead but the mistake has already been made and I’ll adjust for next time.

Currently starting week 8

Post cycle will be nolva and/or clomid
Weeks 14-18 40/40/20/20 and/or 50/50/25/25

Questions about HCG
I’ve done a fair amount of reading and it seems that their are several ways to use HCG effectively. The one point that I’m curious about is I was told that taking HCG to get your testes producing testosterone again would only work once you had little to no testosterone left in your system. The logic behind that being why would your testicles start up again if they didn’t have to, because you still have testosterone in your system therefore they would ignore signal from HCG.

I was instructed to wait at least 2 weeks after last pin to start HCG and to taper it off. The logic being that the initial blast of HCG sent the signal to start production again and to slowly let your testes take over. The doses were recommended as followed.

Starting week 14
750iu eod for 8 days
500iu eod for 6 days
250iu eod for 4 days

Does this make sense? If so when would you start taking your nolva/clomid.

If it doesn’t make sense could someone recommend a better process.

Thanks in advance

31 year old male
10-13% bf

600mg Test enthanate for 12 weeks
Clomid and nolva on hand for pct
5000iu HCG

I plan on waiting approx 21-28 days after last injection before starting PCT.

What id like to know is what is the most optimal way to use the HCG in the time frame between last injection and start of PCT.

I was thinking on day 14 after last injection I would use 500iu every day for ten days and then commence PCT after.

Not sure if this is too high of a dose though. I’m aware that more is not always better and I’m not opposed to throwing some of it away if it’s not all needed.

Thanks in advance

Last test shot we’ll call day 0. On day two start HCG. 250iu eod is fine. Run it until you start the Nolva (skip the Clomid unless you need to switch due to Nolva sides).

Thanks for the advice! I wasn’t sure what way was best, a lot of conflicting arguments. Is there any truth behind the statements that HCG is useless in your body as long as high levels of test still exists in your blood? I never understood that point while people clearly use it with good results the entire length of the cycle.

Not exactly. There are conflicting beliefs that an LH mimic is beneficial neurologically. Also it prevents atrophy but in a short term cycle atrophy won’t be as severe as say TRT for the long haul. If you tolerate it well you can run it whole cycle otherwise just follow @iron_yuppie advice which is always solid.

In your opinion would it be better then to start sooner? Perhaps with a certain amount of time left in the cycle at 250iu eod and follow through until PCT or stick with starting 2 days after last injection as recommended?

It doesn’t hurt to use it sooner, no. Same dose applies, 250iu eod.

So I still can’t understand how to use hcg…I usually prefer https://venditasteroidi.com/profiles/hcg

What part of the process are you struggling with?