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Need PCT/Dose Help Please!!!

OK so I am planning my next cycle which will consist of:


4 wks 20mg/day

(17-methyl-delta 2-etiocallocholane)

1-2 wks 10mg/day

3-4 wks 20mg/day

(13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene 17-one)

3-4 wks 25mg/day

Currently I am 230lbs with around 14% bodyfat.


My planned PCT was

wk 1:
wk 2:
wk 3-4:

Salbutamol (need help on effective dosing)

Also on cycle was planning on taking ReboundXT or 6-Oxo at low doses to prevent aromitization.

Supplements on cycle are as follows:
Milk Thistle
Saw Palmetto
Red Yeast Rice
Buffered Creatine

During the 8 weeks I will plan on eating a clean 4000 calories per day as I am predisposed to gaining fat very easily. Mostly chicken, fish, oatmeal, brown rice, veggies, and low carb protein shakes. If I keep my protein intake around 250-300g per day I don’t see gaining 30lbs as a problem.

I am worried that I am not taking enough precautions though (hair loss, gyno, shut down) or if these drugs at these doses for four weeks will cause any of the above with the pct.

I plan on starting it after the holidays when I will have all the drinking and eating crap food out of my system so I have until january to figure all of my shit out. HELP!

It takes years of steroid abuse to lose your hair.

Do us all a favor. Please…

Don’t use superdrol and pheraplex. Do the research and get safer, better gear.

[quote]TrainerinDC wrote:
Do us all a favor. Please…

Don’t use superdrol and pheraplex. Do the research and get safer, better gear. [/quote]

I agree 100% with this comment

As for the hair loss comment i have seen people lose their hair after only one cycle with improper pct so i believe any abuse of steroids can cause an unhealthy dht level.

As for using the gear I am very set on the gear because I actually know what is in it.

Any word on the salbutamol dosing?

superdrol is perfectly safe, but i wouldnt go over 3 weeks MAX using it.

[quote]Split wrote:
superdrol is perfectly safe .[/quote]

yah, that’s why it’s never been approved by the fda for human use.

Superdrol is illegal now. With the wide array of paper products out there, why not go another route? SD does work to some degree, but is it worth the sides now that it is not over the counter?

Anyone out there know anything about salbutamol (albuterol tabs?) I need the proper dosing for the cutting