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Need PCT After HRT?


hey guys im 33 and been working out hard for 3 years now.im not a body builder but try to stay in shape.in jan i went to the doc and had low test he put me on 300mls every 2 weeks and its working great.put on 15 pounds of muscle and feel great and look the best of my life. i want to buy another bottle and shoot 300mls on the weeks i dont go to the docs,id do this for 8 weeks then go back to the docs way for a while.

do you think id need pct since my system is used to test and what do think it should be,id buy it off the net,i do have scipt for cyp


OK let me summarize your situation since i have been in your shoes. First HRT is lifelong in other words there is no PCT because there is no cycle, your doctor is trying to stabilize your test levels in the nortmal range and once he has done that that will be your dose, for life unless bloodwork dictates otherwise. That being said he would be better off doing 150mg per week instead of 300mg bi-weekly ; same amount but more stable blood levels. In regards to that 150 per week is pretty good for HRT dosing so hopefully he will stick with it. Now here is what will happen if you add in another 300mg on the "off" weeks. The next time he has your labs run your levels will be sky high so he will interpret this as the dose he is giving you is too much and will drop it dramatically if not altogether and then want to wait another 6-8 weeks and run labs again. So you will basically be skewing the numbers and he won't have accurate feedback. That being said if what you want to do is take 300mg of test per week then just do it but don't think your doctor will give you his blessing or be fooled, the bloodwork does not lie. Like i said PCT is not really a factor since you probably won't come off if you have low levels naturally but one thing alot of guys do is use a small dose of hcg once or twice per week just to maintain testicluar size since the HRT dose will tend to atrophy the testicles over the long term, usually 250 iu's a couple of times per week will do the trick. Also since he is doing your labs be sure to inquire about your estrogen levels, you may or may not need a small dose of an AI to keep estrogen in check, hope that helps.


The blood tests are only done every three months to a year. Doing an eight week cycle of higher testosterone administration between tests would be fine as long as you gave it a couple weeks (depending on the substance used) off before being retested.

To recap--
currently: 300mg EOW
8 wk cycle: 300 EW
after cycle: 300 EOW

Any blood tests should be three to four weeks after this period.



Thank you guys,I thought it would go back to normal after a couple weeks off. At that low of a dose should I have any gyno issues?


Could he also pick up something with a shorter halflife ie. anavar, tren, winstrol and run that for his "cycle" then go back to HRT. That's likely what I'll do when the time comes.


Perhaps. That is dependent on the person. I would keep around some Nolvadex or Letrozole just in case. If you start getting some puffy, sensitive, or itchy nipples try 10mg/day of Nolva or .25mg Letro until the sides subside, or double each dose if that isn't sufficient. However, with that low of a dose the lower range should be fine. You can get some liquid Nolvadex online from a research chemical supply company like www.ag-guys.com or www.chemoneresearch.com.



that would be my reccommendation as well...good call