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Need PCT After 6 Weeks on Methyl-Tren 1mg/Day?

HI I am new here and this is my first cycle.

I deeply know it is stupid only use oral pill ( I will try injection next time), but because of curiosity I started my cycle…
-Methyl-Tren 1mg/day for 6wk (now is week 3)

I do feel some power rise but not obvious

Question is: How to do PCT?

after cycle 10mg Nolvadex every day for 6–8 weeks is enough?

Oral methyltren need wait 2week after cycle for PCT?


I would do 20 mg/day of Nolva for 6 weeks (you could do the standard 40, 40, 20, 20 as well). You need PCT for this. I would just wait a day or two to start PCT.

Methyl-Tren for a first cycle was probably not a great idea, you are correct there. Next time run just Test.

The wait time is based on the half life of the compound. Compounds like Test E have a half life of around 5 days, in which case 2-3 weeks is needed for it to clear your system enough so that the PCT drugs can be effective in helping to restart you HPTA. Methyl-Tren has a half life of 6-8 hours; in which case you should start your PCT the next day or the day after.

On another note: methyl-tren is really toxic and I hope you have/had some liver support through your cycle.

thanks for info, I will minimum the dose 20mg is good for me.

Next time test only? (injection)

How to get/learn the correct cycle protocol from? (how to know it is fake or not?)

Probably the best first cycle. One can add in a mild oral (Var or Tbol) at the beginning or end if they want (I prefer the end). Yes, it will be an injection.

Well start simple (Test only, or perhaps add the mild oral for 4-6 weeks). Figure that out, and spend time researching. You can probably run test and a mild oral for several cycles and make gains. That gives you a lot of time to learn.

Is this in regards to the gear, or the cycle layout? If gear, you can do a blood test and see if you testosterone is really high. If so, you got good test. You can also send stuff out for testing, but it is expensive. A good route to go is finding yourself a reputable seller.

For finding out if a cycle is good or not, does it make sense? Does it address your need for estrogen (your current cycle does not). Is it not enough or too much for your level of development? A good way to go is spend some time here and learn. Many people think they are experts on this stuff because they have spent 10 hours researching, that isn’t even close to an expert level.

yeah… i have use some silymarin complex, omega3 and multi vitamin

Cycle layout, because it would not have some PHD and Dr come out to said these combination of during and xxx of iu/day of injection is perfect (illegal/need to pay). Many resources online (difficult to verify real/fake)

maybe the answer just like what u say “learn here”

Keep things simple. Many make it complicated. Until you are experienced, I say avoid 19 Nor based drugs (NPP, Deca, Tren…). They are just more difficult to manage (some feel bad on these, and stuff like libido and ED issues are commonish), and IMO most need experience with other steroids before diving in with those.

Simple to use injectables (not much for negative side effects) are Test, Primo, and Mast. The issue with the later two are hair loss and lipids, but other than that, they are very side effect friendly (most feel good on these). Test is pretty easy to use, but it does aromatize to E2 (the latter two don’t). You want E2 production in a cycle, but some have issues with E2 being too high. If that is the case, you will want to take less test, and use other compounds. If you handle test well, it is a great (it’s cheap, almost never faked, and gets results). You won’t know how well you handle test until you try it. I get no sides even at 600 mg/wk without an aromatize inhibitor.

You need a balance of classical knowledge (learning from research papers, and even from guys here who are able to explain the “why” behind their explanations), and experience. Nobody is going to be able to make a perfect cycle for you, without knowing how you handle certain steroids. I could give two guys the same basic test cycle and one will get great results with no sides, and the other may get mediocre results, look like a bloated whale, lose a bunch of hair, and get a set of tits. It’s why you wade in to find out, don’t jump in. Start with like 4-500 test a week and that is it. After 8 weeks, if all is good add in Var or Tbol (two very easy orals to use) for 4 weeks. Have Nolva (Tamofixin on hand if gyno starts, and for your PCT).

The longer you research, the more you will learn what is likely BS, and what makes sense. It takes time.

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