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Need PCT Advice

Firstly I’ve read through many posts on this forum and I’m not just posting to be lazy.

That out of the way, either my comprehesion is at an all time low or I’m just being overly cautious and thinking I’m doing this wrong.

My Cycle
Wk 1-4 150mg Cyp250 E3D
Wk 5-8 250mg cpy250 E3D
+Anavar 30 days
Wk 9-12 150mg cpy250 E3D

  • HCG 1,000iu E3D (Staggered)

It’s been two weeks since I’ve injected anything and I’m right now understanding the importance of PCT

Three things important for PCT

What percentage of each should I be taking at what rate, and for how long?

And also what is a good street price for both clomid and nolvadex?


HCG IS NOT A PCT DRUG!!! Its to be used during cycle.

That’s what I thought. I read some articles that I guess gave me the wrong idea about that.