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Need PCT Advice, First Cycle

Hello so to start this off ill explain my situation. I started my first cycle 11 weeks ago today, my friend has been guiding me through and I trust him. Very well read on the medical side along with having good success at a few wide shows. Multiple cycles under his belt and what not, the man is trust worthy.

So he’s doing my cycle for me everything is going great and I’m seeing some really good progress. Obviously as its coming to the end of my cycle with one week left I ask him about PCT protocol and he says he will be around on Sunday to talk me through it. On Friday morning he was in a traffic accident and is in a pretty bad way, he’s stable but obviously now isn’t the time to pester him with questions and what not so i thought i would come to you guys.

My cycle was the basic for all starting cycles as far as i know. 250mg Test-E 2x a week. Mondays & Thursdays along with .25mg of Arimidex ED.

I’m 32 and have been training for 4 and a half years now, wasn’t too serious at the start but the last few years have been brilliant for me.

13% bf
216 lb

On hand I have plenty of Arimidex, Nolvadex and Clomid. Just wondering what protocol you guys would run if you were in my shoes.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

I’d use clomid at 50mg daily for 4 weeks starting 2 weeks after your last pin, then a fifth week where you use 50mg every other day. You should be groovy with that.