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Need P+C and P+F Recipies!!!!

Hey guys i was wondering if any of you had any recipies beside chicken/ rice , steak/veggies etc…I pretty much ate that for 6 months in a row and now im kinda bored of these lol
Thanks !


Ever try picking up a cookbook?

Or visiting a site like allrecipe.com, which has thousands of recipes?!

Or Chris Shugart’s blog?

Or tuning into the Food Network?

If you’re on the net and can not find this info then no one can help. Also, upper right hand corner of your screen.

Lol i was wondering if any of you guys had home made recipies that im pretty sure i wont find in books/internet.


Look under recipes on johnberardi.com

There are these things called search engines. Google maybe? Or something like that. They’ll work well.