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Need Ortho/Physio in Westchester NY

Hey all, 44 yr old lifter here just trying to stay strong. Ive been fighting bicep tendonitis for 8 months in my rt shoulder and i have a bone spur on the acromium too. My ortho seems useless with no real help/guidance. Gave me a cortisone injection that didnt help. Had an mri and nothing is torn (according to him). Doctor is reluctant to give me a script for phys therapy too.

Ive been doing my own for months now. I use a stim unit, ice/heat, massage, myofacial release, rc strengthening exercises, etc, but still cant do chest or any OH press without my shoulder killing me the next day.

Ive been doing back, tris and legs with close to regular weight and that doesnt bother it. Havent done bis, chest or shoulders though.

I want to find a doctor that is a weight lifter so he understands the lifestyle and desire to get back to a full program asap. Orat least someone who really knows how to get someone back in the game quickly.

Can anyone recommend someone?