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Need Opinions


Hey, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something. I am new to AAS use and what I am trying to do is sport specific. What I am trying to do is get as strong and as explosive as possible with out gaining much weight. i have reserched but most of the forums on line are guys taking aas for bodybuilding witch really is no good for me.

So, my research has brought me to Anavar and Boldenone but I bought Test E because at the time all of the forums said that that was the best cycle to run for beginners and this is before I realised they were talking about BB. I have heard of people taking anavar for the same sport specific reasons as I am. So I was wondering what would your opinion be for a Anavar, Test E cycle. Mabey 375mg a week Test E and 30mg a day Anavar for 8 weeks. Keep in mind I dont want to gain much weight. Do you think this protocal would be ideal?


You will most likely gain some weight on a test cycle, be it from water weight (which can be minimized with the use of an AI), glycogen stores, and increased protein synthesis. Some steroids are "known" for being 'bulk specific' or 'cut specific', but in all reality, diet will be the major part of how much weight you gain (or lose.)

375mg per week of test is generally a low dose of test, 500mg being a good beginners cycle. 30mg a day of anavar will basically be worthless.


So, mabey if I bumped up the the Anavar dose to 50mgs a day went with the full 500mgs a week of test and took an Armidex every other day? Does this sound more ideal?


500mg of test per week with an AI and a proper SERM PCT and you'll be fine for your first cycle.

You could throw in the anavar if you wanted, but there's really no need. Especially since 50mg/day still isn't an optimal dose.


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Your looking for sport specific strength and explosiveness eh? What sport? And what kind of training are your currently doing to further your explosive power?

A lot of powerlifters swear by things such as cheque drops and halotestin.

If you don't want to gain a lot of weight a dose of 300mgs test e a week (just for test and E2 replacement) and a higher dose of anavar (80mgs or more a day) would do wonders I imagine, of course I haven't run that and I am just basing that off of anavars quality of enhancing strength without drastically increasing weight.


300mg boldenone
200mg mast-p
350mg tren-a
30mg winstrol


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You won't gain that much weight if you don't eat excess calories. Tren/Test/Dbol is GREAT for strength and as bushy said anavar up to 120mg will do the job too. Just watch your diet and don't eat too much. You'll most likely just lean out and get stronger.


By not gaining much weight do you mean its unacceptable? If not how much weight are you willing to gain... if you could throw out a sport and maybe position that might help.

If its a sport with clear weight classes, Im thinking sports such as boxing, wrestling, etc. Id stick to Var if you can afford it.

If you are able to gain some weight and simply want to minimize weight gain due to loss of endurance, etc. Id say you were safe to run a low dose of test as a base and then throw in a compound such as mast, or winny if its non contact.

HGH would always be an option, but I wouldn't touch the stuff without extensive research and experience in cycling.


My first response said that his diet would be the major influence on how much weight he gains, and mentioned ways to minimize [water] weight gain.

People have used test only cycles to cut. :confused:

But anyway, OP, you're best off listening to BBB on this.


120mgs Anavar a day for eight weeks? There is no way I could afford that. I am in Judo. Thanks for the advice guys. I am just gonna stick to the 500mgs of Test E a week with Armidex. My PCT is clomid, I know a lot of you all perfer Nolva but I dont have access to it. I wont be starting it till March so I'm going to do a little research untill then