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Need Opinions


what percentage of college football players take steroids? including d2


youre under developed and young, you do not need steriods


I am not endorsing your cycle, just pointing out a few points that immediately jump out at me:

1) You need an aromatase inhibitor (AI) like Adex or Letro during the full period of your cycle.

2) hCG should be used during cycle and not post cycle when it will impede your own body's coming back online.

3) Save the nolva for PCT.


Isn't Anadrol at 100 mg/day a bit much?


Anadrol @ 100mg/d is standard. It is considered the most effective dosage while still minimizing sides...


Gotchya. Thanks for the info.






looks good bra how would you feel about 1000mg of test with 1000 of eq


like an idiot wonder "bra". he's 21 and has done one cycle


I love you game.

Anyway - to buzzinezz

doses too high.

age ok

You can use 350-500mg test throwing in dbol after a while for your first 5 cycles and grow perfectly assuming diet is where it needs to be and training is hard as fuck.

You do not need to add an amp to each week per cycle.

You do not.. we are building muscle with effort and food - hormones assist, they supplement almost.


Good. glad we sorted that out, now what are we gonna do about your face....?


You totally nailed on the head bra!