Need Opinions on How I Am Doing

While browsing, I bumped into this thread. Thought of sharing my daily workout and get your opinions. I am 5"8’ and weight 169lbs (was 165lbs but then mom came over for few days, so obviously gained weight)

p.s. I have no professional training. Whatever I do is what I learnt after going through YT videos.

Morning Run - 20mins - M,W,F
Morning Walk - 30mins - T,T,S

Gym - 45 mins - M,W,F

Push ups - 50
Squats - 25 (80lbs)
Pull ups - 25 (8,6,6,5 reps)
Crunches - 25
Leg raises - 25
Sit up benches - 25
Dumbbell front raises - 25 (10-15lbs)
Bicep curls - 25 (30lbs)
Bench press - 25 (90lbs)
Dead lift - 25 (125lbs)
Back lat pull down - 25 (80lbs)

I do #7x10,#8x10,#9x10, then again #7x10,#8x10,#9x10 and lastly #7x5,#8x5,#9x5.
I do all of the above in 1.15 hour with rest in between, so consider it as 45-50mins of hard work.
Also, I do 4 sets of pull ups and try to pitch it in between the abs workout. As you can see, I am not lifting as much as most of you can :frowning:

Home workout - 30mins - T,T

Push ups - 50
Squats - 25 (10lbs)
Pull ups - 25 (8,6,6,5 reps)
Crunches - 25
Leg raises - 25
Dumbbell front raises - 25 (10-15lbs)
Bicep curls - 25 (30lbs)
Tricep Bench dips - 25
Superman plank - 30 secs

In the evening, I take my doggo out for 1 hour. Either we go to the dog park where he plays on his own and I walk around the park for 30 mins or we go on long walks of 3.5miles.
I don’t sleep much, hardly 5-6 hours/day. I know I need to sleep more, but just not able to do it.
I take a Protein shake everyday, within 15 mins after the workout.

My goals/objectives:

  1. Stay at 160lbs
  2. Flat belly
  3. Able to lift and hold my 90lbs doggo for at least couple of minutes
  4. I play Cricket. I want to bowl much faster than I do right now and hit the balls out of the grounds. (Cricket is similar to Baseball, so in Baseball terms, I want to bowl much faster and hit those home runs more often).
  5. I want to be able to lift much larger weights (in 200-300lbs range) and want to be much stronger.
  6. As I have been doing this long enough, some new routines will be fun.

Forgot to mention, I play Cricket for 2-3 hours every weekend. Also, being an Indian, it is very very difficult to stick to a diet.
Please let me know what you all think. I am open to all kinds of suggestions/discussions.


I think your gym sessions could be more structured. Cricket is an interesting beast. For batting, you are mainly going to need legs, hips/core and back.

Most of your bowling power is going to come from your shoulders and bending (? I guess?).

Your training should revolve around those muscles and plenty of short sprints (so you can quickly run between wickets and chase down balls in the field)

I’d probably only lift twice per week. Focus on sprinting at home and get plenty of practice in. Cricket is skill and timing more than anything and time doing pushups is time your spending not gettimg better at battling, bowling and fielding.

If you want to carry your dog, I recommend purchasing a sandbag to do it on one of your “sprinting” days

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I’m Nepali. It’s honestly super easy to get strong on a desi diet. Loads of carbs, moderate protein, moderate fat and lots of veggies. Lots of good cooked veggies too. Lots of calories EASILY in one thali or plate. I eat rice, dhaal, masu and veggies each night.

There is a lot of good programs on this site. Pick the one that will MOTIVATE and push you for your level. In terms of your goals:

  1. Why do you want to stay 160?
  2. Diet
  3. Workout for a few months and this will be easy
  4. Play more cricket focusing on a few things each time.
  5. Workout and eat well. Don’t miss days and you’ll get stronger.
  6. LOTS of great routines on this site. Pick 1 and stick with it for 6-12 months.

Honestly for your goals the road to success is super simple:

  1. Eat GOOD foods
  2. Lifts weights + condition
  3. Play cricket

You do those 3 things and don’t miss many days and you’ll be surprised with where you will end up!

Yeah thats a bit all over the place. Just do this -will be much better for both strength and athletic performance…

( fine to add extra rest days in here and there, to accomdate practice games etc)

Thanks mate…Sprinting is a key…problem is I walk/run with my dog everyday for almost 1.30-2hrs…so its difficult to find more time for sprints…but need to do it somehow

Thanks for the response mate…I want to stay at 160 is because, I want to maintain my BMI and stay lean+fit+strong…I hope I could play more Cricket…but a married man can only do so much :frowning:

Thats an excellent plan…lts little too much for me at this point…but will be interesting follow it for at least couple of weeks…Thanks a lot

Walk the dog for less time two times per week. Or let him sprint with you.

The gym workouts could be more structured have your main lifts first (on the first day) then your accessory work after, this is for Mutiple reasons, one you can go hard and be able to lift as much as possible as these will build the most muscle so prioritising these would be very beneficial.