Need Opinions from Experienced Lifters

Hello! I’m coming in here all the way from Norway. I’m in need of some opinions from you experienced lifters in here :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my squat. It’s my weakest lift - by far. I have kind of been neglecting it for too long, and I didn’t really get into the technique and so on. The last couple of weeks I’ve been following a MadCow 5x5 Intermediate program, with squats 3 times per week. I hope to boost my squat up, but I’m afraid I’ll fall behind on my other lifts.

My lifts raw are as following
Squat: 350 x2 (this was done previous to my technique revamp lately, it’s probably a bit lower now)
Bench: 360
Deadlift: 573
OH press: 190x3

I have been training for 6 years in october, and I don’t know where to go from now. I really want to focus on my squats, but I feel that with MadCow Intermediate I’m gonna fall behind on my other lifts because of low volume.

What would you guys do in my situation? Preferrably I’d train squats even 4 times per week, while still maintaining/improving my other lifts.

Here’s a vid of me squatting, without weightlifting shoes

- YouTube

You will not fall behind. Madcow int is a good program. Keep up the frequency of squatting.

I think Madcow’s is a perfect set up for someone who needs to learn how to squat properly. The more you squat the more you can dial in your technique.

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile: I appreciate it. Sticking with MadCow for now.