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Need Opinions About My Fat Loss Diet


Hi everyone,

My name is David, I'm 40 years old and I live in France (sorry for my poor English).

I'm a small guy: 5'7 (169 cm) and actually 147.7 lbs (67 kg).

Few weeks ago I was at 150 lbs but I decided to lose a little bit of fat because I was around 20% body fat and, apparently, it's best to start bulking at 15 % bf.

So actually I eat 2000 kcal a day ( 150 grs of carbs, 150 grs of protein and the rest are fats).

I train 3 times a week (full body) and just started to ride a bicycle 2 times a week (30-45mn). I also walk a lot everyday.

Do you think my calories are too low, does it seem ok for you? Any advices or tips ?

I could be wrong but actually I feel like I lost some fat and gain a little bit of muscle.

For your info, I trained for years then i stopped. I restarted training seriously in april. Also, I'm the kind of guy who can gain fat easily (I've never been really lean) and I never looked like a bber. My goal is to get bigger AND leaner.



I'd say 15% is the point where you want to start losing fat but it depends on your goals.

Go by your results. If you drop too much weight (more than 0.5kg in a week) then add a bit more food.