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Need Opinion On my Diet


So ive been powerlifting for a few months now and my trainer recommended I use carb backloading for a diet its been going great it works out nicely because I work a desk job all day and don't really need any carbs and train in the evening at 5pm and have all my carbs post workout recently ive added some carbs pre workout to see if it enhances my workout quality and I feel it has.

Im a creature of habit and don't care about the quality and taste of all my food I just eat what I need to meet my macros.Im soo new to all of this barely been training for a year so any recommendations or information anyone can give me would be great. is this the best diet to have considering my training schedule. I use to be 350lbs I cut down to 228 back in august and now ive been steadily gaining using this diet im up to 245 id like to stay around 250 im 6-3 Heres an example of what I eat on my training days.

My Caloric intake for training days is 3461
my macros for training days are
100g fats
300g protein
and the rest in carbs which is 340g

1 scoop whey
4 fish oil

4 whole eggs
4oz 93/7 ground beef
2 cups spinach

4oz 93/7 ground beef

12oz chicken thighs
2 cups spinach
2 English muffins

2 scoops whey
2 cups oats
1 cup skim milk
1 scoop carbo gain
1 banana

8oz chicken breast
1 bagel


Replace rice or potatoes for the bagel and english muffin.

Add veggies at every meal.

What is carbo gain?


Seems so boring.


I would eat more in the 7:30 solid meal and a little less in the 6:30 shake, drop the oats there and massgainers arent really needed, mostly shitty stuff