Need OL Program Recommendations

Can someone please refer me to a good olympic lifting program? Maybee a good t-mag article on the subject? I have been envolved in bodybuilding for several years, but am looking to gain strength and add some variety to my workouts. I have no real knowledge of olympic training and techniques. Thanks.

There is a pretty good one the Christian put together at the address below. It is neccessarily gonna work that well if you are an elite lifter but I’m guessing that you would be asking this question if you were :slight_smile:

I think this is the current path to above mentioned article

Behind the Iron Curtain


Pick up Tommy Kono’s Book…Try Jim Schmitz workbook and video over at Iorn Mind…Try the Dave Turner program on Dan John’s site…look up J.V. Askem’s Mirror site…Try Joe Mill’s 20/20…Google any of this and experiment to see what works for you. If you’re teaching yourself read as much as you can and watch a lot of video – again see Iron Mind. Good health and good lifting.

Thanks Maurice. I wasn’t sure if that was the current link:-)