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Need Nutrition Tips


I'm 18 years old and I've been around lifting for about 3 years. But started serious training after my weights teacher told me I just wasnt genetically inclined to get big. Well I proved him wrong. I gained quite a bit of lean weight. But I come to stumps. If anyone has any good SIMPLE ways of getting more calories please help me out. I was weighing 119 pounds and had 5% bf and was max benching a plate. I'm 5'7 and am now weighing 146 with 8% bf. I now max bench at 205 I have a personal trainer. I know exactly what I'm doing. Could just use eating tips. Thanks.



This is my diet now.
-protein shake, banana, oatmeal
Post workout
-2 scoops of protein with 1 scoop dextrose
-5 whole eggs with whole wheat toast
-chicken breast with broccoli
-protein with peanuts or olive oil ( shot glass full )
Bedtime snack
-protein with glass of milk


off the top of my head: dried fruit, nut butters, gallon of milk a day


Red Meat, GOMAD, EVOO, Heavy Cream.

Also lose the mindset of you know exactly what you're doing. You can always learn more, and at a whopping 146 lbs you can learn a lot more. Your teacher is indeed a moron for saying you can't get big, anyone can get big truly, but you haven't proven him wrong.


Oh I totally agree I don't know everything. And I haven't proven him wrong but I'm well on my way.


here is a tip the more you cook the better you look also supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate(5g/daily) would be smart.


/lolz ^THIS^

AND....Get yourself a blender. You can easily make 1,000+ kcal smoothies using greek yogurt, eggwhites, fruit, heavy cream, healthy oils, whey, etc. Easy way to get calories down fast.


Thank you this is more what I'm looking for.

Not a huge fan of creatine. Seen better results without it than I have with it. Makes me feel bloated and feel like I'm pumped full of water


youre also eating like 2 solid food meals I would probably suggest bumping that up and making the shakes more snacks than meals.
coconut milk is also an easy liquid calorie as is all coconut products like butter and oil. Drinking straight evoo can be a little bit rough, can of coconut milk is a little easier.


I would also recommend dried fruits and nuts.
Smoothies are great too.
Have you tried drinking raw eggs?

I am being serious here. I use to have trouble eating a large first meal and could only manage to choke down 4 cooked eggs at best. I recently switched to 1 scoop of vanilla whey, 1tsp cinnamon, and 6 raw eggs in a blender. Blend very briefly then drink. Tastes great!

Contains approximately 520 calories and moves you in the right direction to hit your protein and fat macros.


Thanks guys your helping a lot. What are some quick easy recipes for red meats?


where the hell did you buy the creatine from and was it even micronized? I've bought some in the past of awful quality having digestion issues due to the particle sizes not being small enough.


Your missing my point. I just don't like feeling all bloated when I lift. Plus for my recovery I take xtend. It's a pretty amazing supplement. I just don't like creatine.


Cut it into steaks, toss it in a pan and fry with any oil you prefer (preferably healthy one, and since you are looking to get easy calories don't be too conservative with the amounts), when it looks ready just add salt and pepper and get eating. About as simple as it gets :stuck_out_tongue: . If you don't enjoy it play around with the cooking times, if still not good there is a ton of recipes online, just google.


This is valuable advice.

And keep it in mind at 18, at 28 and 38 etc...


And now that I come to think of it, I don't know why I didn't give you this recipe instead. Easy as hell, tastes good and is pretty calorie dense. Get some minced meat, depending on your budget you can go with low fat (below 10%) or with regular minced meat, regular is cheaper calories but with low fat you can get in some healthier fats, your call.

Fry it using which ever oil you prefer for making food, yet again, weather you want it healthy or not is down to you and your budget only. Once meat is ready, toss in a bunch of whole eggs (I usually throw in about 2-3 eggs for every 400g (about 14oz) I cook, add spices before the eggs are done and mix the whole stuff while cooking. With spices you can experiment or just go with some premade mix, just make sure it isn't full of sugar and shit like that.

Every 14oz low fat minced meat with 3 eggs+nice amount of oil is pretty close to 1000kcal nearly 100g protein and rest of the cals from fat, I can get this down after a hard workout without too much trouble and I'm not a huge guy.


exactly this - eat more

you're only eating 2 solid meals a day! Most people on this site would eat more while cutting, never mind bulking.

bump up to 4 solid meals, replace a couple of shakes with something solid.

And when you do have a shake, dont just make it whey.

Quick recipe for loads of kcals:
2 scoops whey or casein, 1 or 2 tbls natural peanut butter, banana, 50-100 gr rolled oats
700-1000kcals right there dependant on whether you add milk or water

Play around with the ingrediant if you want but the point is its not hard getting enough kcals, just make sure you're eating most of them. good luck!


You guys are helping out tons. I never even though of howcsimple it was to get that many kcals in a single meal. Still open to many others so keep them coming. And I'm not really bulking. I have an entire year before my comp. My metabolism is so fast that it's kinda hard for me to bulk. So I'm gaining about 1-3 lbs a week.


Heres a quick and easy wa to get quite a few calories. Its heavy on fat also. However, If your trying to get larger and you have a fast metabolism, as you say you do, you will gain little fat.

I like to cook mine in a larger pot versus frying pan.

Brown 16oz of 80/20 hamburger
When browned add 12 large eggs and scramble with hamburger
Shred 6oz provolone cheese add to eggs and hmburger
Turn down the heat, cover the pot, stir a couple times until cheese is fully melted.

Thats it
Should be roughly, 2693cal, 207g Protein, 213g Fat, and 4g carbs.

Eat it as a meal after training or split in 2 for a still caloricly dense meal.


you should be set with the recipes and methods listed above. If somehow still have trouble getting in enough cals for whatever reason, I know guys who have shakes or shots of olive oil when they get up to go to the bathroom at night.