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Need Nutrition Experts Help w/ Diet Questions


Hi guys. Im going to be short.
I filled my brain with so manny books on nutrition but i still don't get some things.

SO here are the questions..
1. Are sweets bad for everything? Can they be used before or after workout? Or should they be avoided at all times?
2. Do i fill up my body in the morning with carbs,calories,fats,proteins?
3. what to eat pre-workout? tons of carbs or just pure protein?
4. Post-workout i would say protein and something to restore glycogen levels?
5. How to prepare body for an intense workout?

I read that yogurt is a good preworkout..But yogurt has casein which is diggested slow, right? Taking it 30 minutes before training makes no sense..

Im confused as F@&#

I read so much but there is so much going on..So manny wars out there on what is better and what not..

Im going on HST training routine so i need to be really carefull about nutrition..

Sorry for bad spelling..Thanks for reading..


Reading is good. But you need to make choices

Depends. If you follow carb back loading, it's a good thing.

Sure, again, depends what philosophy you follow. Breakfast is breakfast. Eat.

Again, depends what philosophy you follow. Plazma? Sure, but if you are on the AD diet, not so good.

Again, depends. It's also an old way of looking at it. Surge Post Work Out was amazing, until Plazma with Pre and during came out.

Overall diet is more important then what you ingest just before. If you follow this web site, Finibar, Indigo, Plazma and MAG-10 would be your best bet.

I bet you are tired of splitting he atom. This also sounds like a fitness magazine saying. Just eat what is best for you. I ate oatmeal/berries/whey for years before a work out. worked for me. My wife had toast with peanut butter. We are different. find what works for you.

Decide on a philosophy and attack it. Stopped dabbling.


Read #3

Only your body can tell you what is good for you.

Just like a good work out program, you must choose a diet. Mixing everything makes sure you do not reach your goal.