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need new workout material

Hey guys, I just looking for a little info. I have been seriously lifting for about 6 years now and I have done every kind of workout you can think of. I have done super slows, negatives, 100’s, and all kinds of different stuff. I like having a written up workout before I hit the gym and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions if where I could find some programs to do that implement alot of negatives and other such fun things to do in the gym. I used to get some off of ask 4 mass but they recently started charging for their workouts so does anyone now of any other sites I could go to or any advice.

Gosh, if only there were a site with hundreds of free training programs written by the top gurus in the field. We could call it Testosterone! We could put out an issue every week and eventually we’d have almost 200 issues in our previous issues section! What an unlimited source of info that would be! (Nah, it would never work. I’m just dreamin’ over here.)

Chris…please…put the crack pipe DOWN. We can work through this, man… You have GOT to get these delusional ideas out of your mind. It’s really just not healthy.

chris and jeremy yall crack my ass up lmfao

In case you don’t get the sarcasm, read the mag. Hit the previous issues button on the left and have fun. By the way, heavy negatives are exactly that great, esp. if you do them every workout.