Need New Whey Protein

I’m needing a change in supplement powder, I’m using Body Fortress Muscle and Weight Gainer just now but its got far to much Sugar in it I’ve been told.

I went to the shop’s today and see Body Fortress Whey Protein, Looked good, Worth Buying? Any advice before I Buy it?


Sup man, I’m not really well known on here and am still really young and learning but I’ve made some good gains (when my diet is done right) and when I use BSN Syntha 6.

The only reason I can get it cheap is because I have a supplier straight from BSN.

Try Grow! from this site. Support it and all. Good quality product too. And not all that sugar filler etc.

If you’re looking for a simple Whey protein just pick up some GNC 100% Whey Protein. If you want to be a baller, get Metabolic Drive.

Grow! Whey…

I wish people would stop talking about Syntha-6. There’s no reason to have fractionated peptides and micellar casein in the same drink when one could just buy them separately and use each at the appropriate time. Regarding Body Fortress, there’s no reason to buy it when one can purchase Grow! on this site at a lower cost.

Grow! whey is where it is at!


If you have the cash, Metabolic Drive is a good protein since its a blend of different proteins that absorb at different rates, Grow! has an interesting flavor in that its not “Vanilla” but more of a sweet cream flavor, you should give it a shot.

[quote]Chef Lisa Marie wrote:
Grow! Whey…[/quote]

Definitely the way to go. I used GNC’s brand for a while and thought it was decent, but you can’t beat the quality and price of Grow! Whey.

I’ve used many brands over the years, and these are my top 5 suggestions as of right now. And besides…my name is Whey Man. So I most know my whey’s pretty well, eh? :wink:

  1. Biotest Grow! Whey

    • Yeah I know…the typical response. Bun one can’t deny the high quality and excellent taste Biotest’s whey provide.
  2. Champion Nutrition Pure Whey

    • This stuff is great and also of high quality. Some flavors you’ll want to avoid (vanilla in particular), but the rest are pretty darn good. If you love dark, rich tasting chocolate…Champion’s Chocolate is definitely the way to go. I’d refer to it as “gourmet” chocolate. Champion also makes MRP’s called “Low Carb Ultra Met” that are perhaps the best tasting whey’s I’ve ever had in my life. Brownie Fudge and Vanilla Cream honestly taste exactly like they sound.
  3. ON

    • I basically started out with these guys. If you like thin shakes (as opposed to thick), ON might be the whey to go (my clever play of words = amazing). One flavor I’ve seen no one other than ON make is Chocolate Mint. Good stuff. They also make a great tropical flavor that’s very tart (it acutually used to be more tart, but they must have changed something).
  4. Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure (or) Syntrax Naturals for fast acting whey’s

    • The reason I put this one on here is if you make your own PWO shake cocktails and are in need of a fast acting whey, this would be a great option. Granted, the only flavors I’ve had are vanilla and Pineapple Orange Banana. The the P,O,B was enough reason to include this. Syntrax also makes an assortment of fruity, yummy tasting flavors that taste absolutely superb in a PWO shake combined with maltodextrin and dextrose
  5. Labrada’s Lean Body RTD

    • I wanted to throw in an RTD for my last suggestion. You’ll find that of all the RTD’s out there today, this one is above and beyond the best. High quality with great taste. Great “emergency” option. Also gives you 9 grams of healthy fats.

Thanks guys for all your replies!

The Grow! Whey looks good and good price as well, So many of you advise this over Body Fortress Whey Protein by the looks of things?

I’ll have a read and look about then I’ll see about getting Grow! Whey…

PS…Grow! Whey says its based on a 2,000 calorie diet what does that mean?


[quote]whatagoal wrote:

PS…Grow! Whey says its based on a 2,000 calorie diet what does that mean?


You don’t need to worry about that. It’s just something the FDA puts on ALL nutrition labels.

I’d recommend Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex. It’s a little more expensive, but with 60 grams of protein, I think it’s worth it.