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Need New Routine For My Goals

I need help developing a routine; I’ve been designing my own routines for years now but am drawing a blank with my new goals, which are to optimize:

Explosive Strength
Sprinting ability
Cardiovascular Development
Low BF%

I want to incorporate ME, DE, and RE workouts as well as plyometrics, sprinting, skipping, olympic lifts and heavy bag work. I am willing to devote 30minutes nightly to yoga, pilates and stretching and 45 minutes 6 mornings/week to training. My stats right now are 5’8", 198lbs, 12%bf.

Also, I want a wide variety of rotating excercises to avoid overtraining and injuries.

As for strength, I want to increase strength of all muscle groups but no specific lift like bench. I want all my lifts to go up, not just ones I train frequently.

How can I fit this all in to the time I’ve allotted?

Monday - ME Lower and DE upper
Tuesday - Sprints and Plyo’s
Wednesday - RE Lower and ME upper
Thursday - Skipping, heavy bag and plyos
Friday - Olympic lifts and DE lower
Saturday - GPP workout
Sunday - off


I need help, Thanks

I think I’ve got it:

Monday: ME Lower push and pull
Tuesday: RE Upper Vert push/pull and Horiz. push/pull
Wednesday: DE Olympic lift, plyo jumps and clap push-ups
Thursday: ME Upper Vert push/pull and Horiz push/pull
Friday: RE Lower push & pull
Saturday: DE Olympic lift, plyo jumps and clap push-ups

OK, ME will conist of working up to a 3RM each week. RE days will consist of 3 sets of 8-12 reps and DE days will be 8 sets of 3 for each excercise. Intensisty will work in 3 week waves, going from easily attained reps week 1, to 90% effort week 2 and then setting records on week 3. Then I change all excercises and repeat for the next 3 weeks. Also all workouts will be preceded by 3-5 50m wind sprints and a light jog cool down, also waving the intensity every 3 weeks. Then I’ll do some shoulder and core pre-hab work then hit my workouts. This is in the AM. At night I’ll be doing 20-30 minutes of yoga, pilates and stretching.

Is this a sweet routine or what??