Need new ideas for hypertrophy, or a new prog for hypertrophy

tried hst and dont want to go back to that yet, and i’ve tried training the fullbody over 6 days.

need some new ideas or a good hypertrophy prog to follow, any ideas?



Read the magazine. OVT, GVT2K, Max Size, Renegade Training for Bodybuilders, and many other excellent hypertrophy training programs are laid out for you, down to sets, reps, and percentages of your max.

Training for Maximal Size, by Joel Marion. Issue 267.

Not only is it a good program to try, but I’ve heard that Joel is a sex God.

Hi Chris, nice to see you on the number 1 forum on the web. A couple of good programs from this site are Ian Kings Twelve Weeks to Super Strength and Joels Training for Maximal Size.

Also check out OVT and Renegade Bodybuilding.