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Need New Friends?


So this is just a little rant. This past weekend a bunch of my friends and I went downtown Chicago and were drinking out on a boat all day. When we got back one of my friends starts bitching and bitching at me and i got sick of it and told him to do something about it or shut the fuck up. He got in my face but I did not want to hit him so I threw him off the pier into the water and just wouldnt let him get back up.

After he tried to get up a few times I got blindsided by another kid we hang out with then about 4-5 guys tackled me and were trying to keep me from hitting the kid who hit me. Which is fine but the only thing is once they had me under control and were holding me back the other kid continued to hit me over and over again. Youd think if theres a fight you hold both people back, or they could have at least let me go to defend myself. Which they didnt and in the end I was a bloody mess. Probably could have used some stitches. The cops came and i left and proceeded to walk around downtown all night barefoot with nothing except some really bloody clothes. People were letting me use phones and one bouncer actually told me to go into the bar and have a couple drinks because it looked like i needed it ha. so i eventually go back to the boat so i can go to sleep and the kid who hit me had gone home.

The following day everyone was pissed at me and i apologized to a few of the kids but noone even considered apologizing for letting the other guy wail on me as they held me down. They just kept saying we were holding you because you would have really hurt him....Even my mom said i should start hanging out with different people. What do you guys think? So basically i got jumped by my own friends is what it comes down to. Theyll all be going back to college in a few months so its not a huge deal except i go to my local cc and its kinda tough to meet people there. I have my other friends up in michigan from when i went to MSU but its just a really shitty situation. Sorry for the rant. Any suggestions would be nice. If you feel the need to make fun of me have at it.


Cool story, Hansel.


Wow, you hang out with some real cock suckers.


yeah i agree mettahl...i think i may be moving with one of me "real" friends down to arizona next summer so i guess not too much longer.




lol 09er, imagine that


Slow down boy. You haven't told us exactly why your friend (the one who hit you) is mad at you. You have to be detailed about that first.


I know. What's more sad the possibility that he got his ass hanged to him, or that he imagined this dumb story and posted it here expecting some kind of sympathy?


Type2B, follow the OP's lead, get the shit kicked out of yourself, then create your own shitty trollish thread about it, and finally fall off the face of the earth.


Maybe you should get real ones, you sure seem to imagine some nasty friends. Get that checked out?


^has no friends either




^^Cruel in a thread that doesn't need it. Way to make me feel better about myself. Just when i thought the only thing in life that would never let me down was boobs.


^has started another The Man Above Thread


welp this went well. ha. i wasnt looking for sympathy just kinda bored and decided to vent here sorry. you didnt have to read this. and yes apparently all 09ers suck sorry for that one too.


Sounds to me like you pissed off all your friends, were you drunk and didnt realize it?


^his mirror has suffered an earthquake


^'s mirror suffered.............boobs?


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^Look at your avatar, what a nonexistant penis you have