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Need New Boots...

To go along with the “shoe” thread I thought I’d start this one.

This is the boot I’ve been wearing over the last year and a half or so. Made by Timberland, and they’re steel toed with a very aggressive sole. They’ve been loyal servants in everything I do work-wise as well as around the home, etc.

However, as good as they’ve been I need more of a hiking boot and these things suck when it comes to walking in the woods and mountainsides for an extended period of time, which I have to do for work a few times a month.

What I need is a sturdy hiker that also has steel toes but doesn’t look like it came out of a Military Surplus Catalog.



Do they absolutely have to have steel toes? If you can go without that option, check out Merrell boots. They’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had and have nice hiking soles.

I bought mine at www.rei.com

I don’t know if Red Wings sells hikers, but give them a look too.

Yeah Doug, gotta be steel toed or Kevlar. OSHA standards and all that.

Thanks for the tips though, I’ll check it.

Bellevilles. Great in the woods. Don’t leak. Semi-comfortable, as far as steel toes goes. You can buy them on ebay. I’m on my second pair. If yu actually bother to polish them about 4 times a year you can get 2 years out of a pair.