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Need Nap After Workout

How many of you need to take a nap after your workout?

Some of my friends, whom I don’t workout with, say that they are energized after their workouts. WTF?

Are they not working out hard enough, or me too much, because I usually feel wiped unless I’m training with low volume, low reps and long rest periods.


On days I work out my legs, after I have my post-workout shake I usually crash hard for like 45 min to an hour. Doesn’t seem to happen so much on upper body days tho.


Blood Sugar Crash?

Do you have any sort of nutrition drink during and after your workout?

Well, I feel energized after a Hit, but not so much after a weight lift… I feel good though, content… sleep afterwards? nah, but it wouldn’t be bad

I used to crash about two hours after a workout – that’s about an hour post workout dextrose/protein shake consumption. Basically it is a sugar crash after purposely spiking my insulin after a workout.

I found that I can head that crash off by making sure I eat a solid meal with protein (usually chicken breast)and a low glycemic index cardb like oatmeal or brown rice about an hour after my post workout shake.

Of course it is critical to be sure that you are getting enough sleep in the first place.

I also find that if I have the opportunity, a nap isn’t such a bad thing. If I am tired I figure my body needs it. besides so many good things happen to help recovery during sleep. If you can work it in, why not nap?

My dad had hypoglycemia and would find himself in dire want of sleep after intense physical activity. Although you probably just love sleep (like I do) and your problem may simply be a bit of a nutrition crash, you should have your blood checked anyway. You never know when an “out of family” response to a workout is a sign of something more serious.