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Need Names of Drs with hCG + TRT


Last visit, I asked my urologist about adding low dose hCG to my HRT regimen. Talked a lot about the purpose of it, and I gave him some research that KSman lead me too.

I noted that a lot of you guys are being treated with this combination and it is really working well for you.

He thought it sounded interesting, he had never heard of the protocol and promised to do some research.

I contacted his office and he hasn't done anything yet.

I would like to give him some Names and Numbers of Doctors who are using low dose hCG.

Would some of you guys be willing to PM the name and numbers of your docs and their specialties (uro, endo, gp) so I could pass some names to him? I am thinking if he could consult with somebody and learn more about it, he would move on this.



Dr. Crisler has a couple of research papers on hcg use on his website. You should be able to google it. I have it bookmarked and can post the links when I get home tonight if oyu don't find it before then


Research papers or descriptions of his protocols?


Yes, I've read Dr. Crisler's protocol paper.

Thanks, I really appreciate the idea and you replying!

But I gotta be honest with you, I think Crisler and his website would really alienate my doc. I don't see my doc taking Crisler seriously.

I did just get a name/number from a buddy on another site. I'm thinking if I get a couple or three more, that would be enough.


Docs are not good at inductive reasoning. They get through school by having a good memory. Functional medicine... a few docs get it and can do things that drug reps do not tell them to do. Swap the situation and ask your doc what research is leading him to choose testicular organ failure as a good therapeutic outcome.


Yeah that's true--Crisler isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the man's knowledge and contributions to the field are undeniable...

My doc is Dr. Overbeck in Conschohocken, PA--he prescribes hcg when it is warranted.


THANKS! I googled and found a Dr. Micheal D. Overbeck, is that him?

KSman - my current doc is actually pretty good, Much better than my old one, who never listened to me. This guy is good to talk to, and takes me seriously.

I think if he talks to a couple doctors who are using low dose hCG, he will get me started with this.


Yes, that's him...his Assistant posts here sometimes as HardAsNails, and works with several other docs as well so he may be willing to work with you to get this sorted out as well...shoot him a PM if you see him post...


Thanks, I REALLY appreciate it.


UPDATE: My doc is starting me on low dose hCG as part of my protocol.

VTBalla34, I don't believe he talked with your doc, but the info I gave him seemed to have lit a fire under him for getting his own research done.

So I really appreciate you stepping up, I owe you big time.


Question to anybody who's reading. Is this something that takes a while to work? Or do your testicles fire up pretty quickly?