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Need My Surge, Suggestions?


Hey guys, im sure a lot of you have noticed that Surge has been out of stock the last couple of days, well i was waiting to buy more till i was low, and by the time i was ready to buy, it was out, so now ive been without my post workout Surge for almost a week, i was in the middle of moving, and could buy it till i had my new address.

is anybody else in my situation, and what are you doing post workout nutrition wise without it, i searched online and at every supplement store in illinois before i moved, and now in ohio, and no such luck finding anything that even comes close, and suggestions are appreciated.


I just went through the same thing about 3-4 weeks ago .... the first place I found online, i hoarded up 6 tubs, but at $6 more per tub. 2 days later T-Nation had it back in stock.

Keep searchin ... you'll find it.


Mix some matodextrin or dextrose in with your whey protein shake. Its not as fancy or tasty as Surge but I'd guess it would get the job done until Surge is back in stock.


Chocolate milk mixed with some Metabolic Drive will work fine.


1 part whey
+1 part maltodextrin
+1 part dextrose
= Surge


This is the best bet. Use hyrdolyzed whey if you can. The concoction will mimic surge almost perfectly. Be prepared for it to taste like shit though. If you want, I'm sure a normal flavored whey isolate or even Biotest's isolate/concentrate blend won't be the worst thing in the world for a few workouts.


thanks, im gonna go mix some chocolate milk with my Metabolic Drive, and God knows next time its in im stocking up, from now on, never less then 1 full tub in stock.


Surge is expensive in Canada so I order the post-workout mix from True Protein with Green Apple or Watermelon flavourings. It works out to around $CDN 10 per pound.

Not quite a tasty as Surge but much cheaper.


While cutting ( and not taking Surge) I popped down BCAAs and Glutamine throughout the day. Maybe make yourself a fruit and whey blended shake too.


If everything remains on schedule Biotest Surge will be available again next week. Possibly in as little as a couple of days.


If you can get hold of the ingredients....

6% L Glutamine
20% Maltodextrin
35% Dextrose
3% Creatine Monohydrate
30% Hydrolysed Whey Protein

Is pretty much the same thing at the same price - but is absolutely disgusting! Biotest have somehow managed to mask that yucky hydrolysed whey.

NB - Surge is obviously whey better (get it?) but as I can't get hold of the stuff, this is how I get around it :slight_smile:


Cytomax Pre-formance is the closest thing to Surge that i can find.

i haven't tried it and probably wont either, I will more then likely will just wait for Surge like everybody else


You can't find maltodextrin or dextrose anywhere? 2:1 ratio of carb powder to protein, mix it up with a hand blender.


The above suggestions are good. If you want the cheap and easy route, have skim chocolate milk post-workout. Surge is Biotest's best supplement and it's always a sad week for me if I need to reorder and it's out of stock.


For the Protein use AST VP2.
for the carbs use AST DGC (Dextrorotary Glucose Crystals)

I serving of each will give you a 2:1 Carb :Protein ratio.

I did this little number until I was able to get my hands on some Surge.

However, you will still be missing the BCAA's in Surge. I use Beverly Intl. Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs for my workout beverage, so I just take another dose with my Surge.


Grow Whey and Carnation Instant Breakfast! YUM!


does it say that anywere in my post? NO


Dont forget the L-Phenylalanine and the sucralose. Surge also doesnt have creatine monohydrate.


Fair go mate!.... He did day "pretty much the same thing"!


HA! That'll teach you fuckers to wait until the last minute!

Seriously though, you guys worry about the dumbest shit.