Need Motivation

Alright, here is my deal,

I consider myself more of a power lifter, despite my weight. I am currently 6’1 at 210. Look at my profile for my lifts, they are pretty respectable; however, i have ceased gaining weight, especially muscular. For the most part, my minor lifts keep going up (bi’s tri’s, all of my shoulders, etc). But my weight stays stagnate, and sometimes, dropping down to 205. I want to know what the hell i should do to hop back on track to gain muscle weight hardcore.

An example of my diet is the morning cereal and a bagel, lunch, a bug sandwich, and dinner is something like dinner and rice chicken and rice, etc. Sometime, because of school and shit, I will run short on time and have to eat shit like moe’s or a subway footlang veggie. I am usually hungry all of the time, and most weeks I will drink and sometimes smoke cigs one to two days a week. I know, I know, I have kind of fallen of the wagon a bit with that shit, but my motivation all together has dropped, so I havent cared about it lately. Give me as much advice as possible.

Also, at one point in my life I used to weigh 230 and was straight up mass and strength, although now I am 205-210 with more definition I would love nothing to then to gain 20 points of straight up muscle and keep the definition.

All information is welcome as my brain is pretty much completely fried from school/working/getting back on track with my body, so lay it on me.

I would recommend you eat more protein.

How about this - you fill one of those thermostats with some cold milk (so that it doesn’t curdle throughougt the day) and take it to school in your back pack. You can add a scoop of protein to it as well. Sip it throughout the day. Do this for every school day.

It might help.

Desire comes from within. There is no big secret. If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to achieve it.

Frankly, only eating 3 times per day, smoking, and having a squat and deadlift that aren’t any bigger than your bench press tells me that you aren’t really trying.

Get your head straight. Decide what you want and what you’re willing to do to accomplish it.

Here are some motivational vids.

My new favorite.

do you supplement with protein between those meals… that sounds like u are really under the caloric threshold to grow?

Haha I now remember who you are. It was a long while back but I remember seeing you smoking outside of Bracket and I thought to myself, wtf is this big dude smoking for.

Should you be in the area over Thanksgiving break I’m up for a hardcore workout, that might get you back into the swing of things.

Haha just not bench…yours kickes my ass, so how about a deadlift day? lol

you eat like a woman. up the cals, up the protein. and for God’s sake, ditch the veggie sandwich.

Diesel, who the fuck are you? I still cant figure that out.

Whats your meal plan like?
Iv been short on time lately and I just go into Harcombe and pound food every 2-3 hours and when Im not on campus, I keep one of those bags of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer and a big jar of peanut butter and bag of whey in the pantry.

I find progress to be the most motivating thing for me. Maybe take a little time off, get your shit back together, and hit the gym and the kitchen as hard as possible. The results you reap from that will be enough to keep you coming back for more.

whoops, completely forgot about this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, its been a ridiculous few weeks. I have been pulling like 2-3 all nighters for the past two weeks meaning my diet has gone to shit, my workouts have not been as intense, and then when the weekend comes i fucking throw down like a jackass.

Between the school, bouncing at my bar, and being president of the law fraternity I have just been bogged down lately, but I am starting to get back into shit, I just read a bunch of stuff on the man frank mcgrath, went out and bought like 30 lbs of chicken and a ton of vegetables, so this week will get me back on track.

As far as supplements go, the only thing I am on right now is my animal pak, I havent had a chance to order more supplements for a while, and when I say time to order more, I mean time to research shit I would be interested in. I usually go to, but there has been some stuff on this site that has caught my eye like grow and Metabolic Drive. You guys have any suggestions for shit to go with my pak? And any other suggestions just in general?

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Here are some motivational vids.

My new favorite.


I love that Stefan Havlik video. It’s the reason I love training legs.