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Need More Protein If Already Fat?


if someone is already fa,t do they need more protein to build muscle?


You ultimately need protein to build muscle.

Fat is "potential" energy but in no way it can be transformed into muscle.

And since it's hard to build muscle while at the same time cutting fat, it would make sense if you (assuming you're fat) would drop your excess weight first and then start packing on muscle.

For any FFB it's hard to keep a lean body, since his fat cells are more numerous, larger and have a better capability to grow. So you need to be even more disciplined and consistent.


my opinion is that if someone is already fat it just means that they're fat, it doesn't exempt them from needing protein to add/maintain muscle...what i did find at my fattest though is that you can get away with lower calories to build muscle since you are carrying around exess energy source with you...

bac to the point though, when looking at their diet i doubt an average "fat" person's diet would contain enough protein to build muscle...my guess is it would be filled with sugary carbs and fats...

what i would do is take a good look at my diet, and do my best to bring it up to standard(more protein, better carbs and fats)...something like cutting out soda and replacing it with water/milk is always a good start...


I think what the OP is actually asking is I'm just going to use myself as an example because I'm fat. I was 260lbs at 6 feet (down to 240 now) but when figuring out how much protien you need as a fatass at 260 is it as much as a muscled guy at 260?

Now for an answear from me, I found that upping the protien to about 1.5grams/lb worked well. The added protien upped the calories, which allowed me to drop more carbs out of my diet. As a fatass losing weight I would always advise upping the protien intake just because it fills you up.



Who cares? High protein diets are more efficacious in burning fat anyway, so fatties should eat lots of protein to begin with.


Yes protein is very energy expensive as is it takes a lot of energy to burn it/eat it as a fuel. Youi can drop the total intake but keep the protein high to keep LBM and really burn more k/cals.

Do a search for TEF, thermic Effect of Food


I suggest you have someone figure your lean body mass. For examply if you are 260 pounds at 25% bodyfat your LBM would be: 195 pounds

I suggest you eat 195 grams of protein a day (assuming your 25% bodyfat; again this is an example)


I would sugeest that you eat a lot more than 1 gram per lbs of LBM, just based on the whole TEF. Not to mention that Protein is a lot more filling than carbs, which will make dieting easier. And the fact the eating a heap of protein while dieting will help decrease muscle loss.


For those who are truly "overweight", I agree with this completely. You don't base your estimates (because that is all they truly are and need adjustment) on overall body weight if you are truly carrying that much body fat.


YES ABSOLUTELY without question.

You CANNOT build muscle without protein, period.

IF you manage to do so, it is because your body is scavenging protein from other parts of your body, either by breaking down "less used" muscles or by taking dietary protein and putting it into the muscles you work at the neglect of others.


what about someone whos looking to lose maybe 10-15lbs to get a little leaner?even more protein or the old gram per lbm?

I would be careful if you are a ffb,especially when you bulk


1g/lb is a decent estimate for someone reasonably lean, but if you're pretty heavy I'd stick with 1.5g/lb of LBM instead.


Fat people will tend to have a surprising amount of lean body mass, just from carrying around all that extra weight. The LBM will be mostly in the core and legs. Imagine if you wore a 50 pound X-Vest 24 hours per day.

I think you must have a minimum protein amount (1-1.5g / pound LBM) before you'll lose any fat.


For every 400 calories you consume of protein,your body burns 100 calories.That means if you eat 1,200 calories from protein,you've already burned 300 calories!
Thats why most people start losing weight right away when they clean up their diet and start eating more protein(along with working out,of course).


Lots of protein, no sugar.