Need More AI with Sustanon?

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Got a straight up testosterone question, while on T.R.T of course. does Sustanon 250mg which is 4 Testosterone esters need way more A.I doses, since every ester will aromatase isn’t this common sense Systemlord? i can imagine it being way more Estrogenic than a single ester like Cyp or Enanthate? and why is it 100% Mainly subscribed in the U.K why isn’t the Government here Subscribing Enanthate more since it’s available here and europe. It’s bit ridiculous.

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You need to try and keep your questions in 1 thread. So we can follow your story.


Thanks do you think Sustanon 250mg sucks? though 4 esters would mean tons of aromatase? or is it okay long as dose lower 120mg weekly 60mg twice per shot.

sorry i dont know about sustanon. I mostly comment on things i experienced.

The ester only serves to keep the testosterone from metabolizing as quickly. Once the ester is removed, testosterone is available to do what it does and some is converted to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. The amount of testosterone will influence the amount of E2 aromatization.

I have heard a well known doctor from a private clinic in the UK state that because Sustanon has multiple esters, he does see more men needed AI’s vs ethanate.

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Sustanon peaks higher than other testosterone preparations due to the different assortment of short and longer acting esters, hypothetically, higher peaks would mean (briefly), higher E2, however this doesn’t nessecary mean you require an AI, maybe you do, but the majority of people don’t. Aromatase inhibitors when combined with testosterone, even replacement doses have a fairly large negative impact on HDL cholesterol, so just keep that in mind. 1.5-2 days post sustanon shot when I was taking sustanon I was at 1500ng/DL, 3 days post shot it’s something like 950ng/DL and six days post shot it’s like 550ng/dl from what I remember, large fluctuations like this won’t occur with a single, long estered testosterone.

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You said was 1.5 to 2 days post shot at 1500 Test Level, what Dosage per Sustanon shot did you take 50mg per shot? twice weekly? or 100mg per shot? to get that lvl 1500

250mg IM, I tend to require higher doses to reach the same testosterone concentrations one would achieve on a lower dose, it sucks… At the time I was on 250mg sust IM e3w, which was absolutely brutal as I’d start to dip after seven days…

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Congratulations Unreal24278 you’re not on a T.R.T Dose you’re on a STEROID dose lol. 250mg is about 75mg over maximum T.R.T dose which would be 175mg for max trt dose. that’s pretty Insane, i just hope you’re health is fine on that dose. and no blood pressure issues man. Hope all is ok with u Brother. @unreal24278

There are some guys who metabolize testosterone faster than others, these men will need 200-300mg weekly to reach the same levels most men can get by with on 100mg weekly.

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If some men on TEST CREAM don’t want to do I.M test injections and jab them selves a lot, can 1000 IU HCG dose twice per week so total 2000 IU be enough to Super charge test levels? Super charge hormones with Hcg possible? @systemlord

I am prescribed sustanon and had my trough bloods just last week. I was at .964ng/dl total T at trough which is 8 days post 250mg inj

Well it was 250mg E3 weeks. Now it’s 110mg weekly which gets me to like… 450ng/dl… My BP is currently like 100/58 or something like that, as to steroid doses, yes 250mg is usually pharmacological for most, however anabolic steroid doses (as in the doses people cycle on) typically start at 300+mg/wk and sadly, typically most use between 700-1500mg/wk (far too much)

Imagine how difficult it would be to get said doses prescribed in a country like Australia, its not at the fault of doctors though, it’s because the medical board might actually try revoke the license of a physician prescribing anabolic steroids or testosterone in doses outside of the specified guidelines, which call for a maximum dose of 250mg e2w (125mg/wk), while this is enough for 99 percent of the population, the select few (unfortunately me) will find it very difficult to get a script for higher doses. 300mg would be too high for me with regards to TRT, that’s my cycle dose, 200mg would work very well I reckon, get me to 8-900ng/dl with probably high normal free T

Prescribing guidelines for deca here run up to 200mg/wk for serious illness such as anaemia from renal failure however in guidelines it does specify that it can be prescribed off label to increase nitrogen retention in individuals in catabolic states, that being said… In Aus the product comes in 50mg/1ml ampuoles… Who the hell is going to want to pin 4mls of nandrolone weekly? No one

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@unreal24278 Hi again Mate, i am on Sustanon 250 have been now for 3 MONTHS, had my 1st blood test done on it today, results come back Thursday, Only reason i am on it, is because i ain’t got the money for (TEST E) ENANTHATE at moment, both are good, Definitely i’ve had more ESTROGEN less libido on Sustanon, but still same Energy & Strength & Mental clarity as Enanthate. it is true i am using an A.I too often on it to increase libido. Wonder what the results are like this thursday, Happy new year too. i took the sample 3 Days post Sustanon Shot. after 100mg(0.4ml on syringe) i do 200mg per week. 100mg twice

Also i been on T.R.T 3 and half months now 14 weeks, ain’t been to the Gym, but since on Sustanon, 90% of my Muscle Loss from LOW T. is coming back on Sustanon. stuff definitely works when you got Real stuff on Prescription lol, i also had a back Injury & Is almost healed.

Really Can’t Stand the Testicle SIZE reducing from all this EXGENOUS TEST. is not good for any man to have. is 200mg Sustanon per week to high for T.R.T if anyone can say too? since 4esters with which are are lower strength. I do feel the Propionate work though. as kicks in faster.

HCG should help bring your nuts back

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Yes thanks @smoothest_criminal dude, i did try Gonasi HP 5000 once, since Pregnyl is more or less discontinued in the U.K. is 250IU twice weekly 500 per week too much, or is that just enough man?

I can’t advise what’s best for you mate, but for me I noticed 250iu twice a week helped but wasn’t optimal. I’m on 300iu every 2 days now and that has made a “big” difference, even compared to 250iu every 2 days.