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Need Mild Hdrol PCT Help Years After Gyno Surgery


So I had gyno surgery a couple years ago.
Got it from a stupidly aggressive cycle including higher end doses of H Drol and Epistane without SERMs.
Didn’t know what I was doing at the time and got burned for it.

I’m looking to try something super mild now, not trying to gain tons of mass.

I wanted to go with H Drop 50/50/50/50. I know it’s super tame but like I said I’m not looking for a ton here.

Also the smoother it is, I assume the easier the PCT, and I’m really looking to avoid gyno again, obviously.

What would you suggest for PCT. I’ve read so many contradictory things on when to take an AI and Nolva. I’ve read some people take AI’s during cycle and then stop, but I’ve read some people keep going during pct, and I’ve even read some people take it after Nolva and taper down.

What’s the correct protocol for this, I can’t seem to find a straight answer.