Need Mentoring Regarding Cycles and Their Protocols

I did my first cycle 4 months back, it was 250mg/week test for 8 weeks and then 500mg/week for 5 weeks, it was total 13 weeks. I used anadrol in the first 2 weeks of my cycle too.

Then for PCT:
Nolvadex 20mg for 2 weeks then 10mg for 2 weeks.

I gained pretty good on this cycle, it was amazing, felt good too. But I noticed a lot of water and fat on my body(mainly because of my diet). I got puffy nipples too, which are better now than before but I still have them. I further got digestion issues(acid reflux), then got my blood work done and my creatinine was borderline high, so was my cholesterol (borderline high, more LDL than HDL).
In short, I wasn’t feeling well at all.
Now recently I got tested for my testosterone and it is 510(which is wayy low than I used to have before running the cycle, it was 800).

How do I convert these side effects into something better, its been 4 months, I have stopped working out because the puffy nipples are discouraging…What cycle should I run now? So that these side effects go away especially the nipples. I have learned from my mistakes, will fix my diet and my PCT protocol and run AI on a test cycle. But can I run an AI alone right now?

What in the fuck, dude? Are you one of those people that don’t train when it’s rainy outside too? You know, because it’s discouraging?

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So was the cycle ‘amazing’ or not?

I don’t think you have learned from your mistakes. And if you think you have, what did you learn?

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Stopping working out is not a good move no matter how you look at it. Suck it up. Train.

IMO, your body just couldn’t tolerate that high doses of AAS. You got too much aromatization.

How much weight did you gain? From what starting weight to finishing weight?

How much strength did you gain on your favorite compound exercises?

Please stop using steroids. You seem to be in worse condition now then before. You are obviously not recovered. Why would you ask what cycle could be run? You don’t need a cycle you need to get more bloodwork and start to fix the issues you have brought on yourself.
I think folks on here would be more inclined to help you after seeing bloodwork and suggesting actions you can take to resolve your issues.

Same guy who did masteron only cycle in 2019…

Funny how his '19 mast/clen post was his first cycle and now this post is also his first. WTF are people thinking. F yourself up first and ask questions later instead of spending a little time researching and asking questions before.

Hi everyone,
Its lovely to see all the responses and let me answer everyone. Thankyou for reaching out to me, means a lot.

Now first thing, yes I got discouraged, thats why I came here, I needed the motivation, I wanted to hear if someone else has been as stupid as I have been.

Yes I have learned from my mistakes. I learned that I shouldn’t have amped up the doses, I should have taken care of my diet and my workout routine. And I will start again for sure.

I am doing good now, my health is better. Yes I asked for another cycle because maybe i can get better advices on my next cycle?

Finally, I did asked for that first cycle but I never did it. I wanted to learn more about the whole science behind it, yes I still messed up but I have experience now.

So if anyone here wants to ask about the current situation and guide me on how I can take it from here?
I am uploading my recent blood works. Please do take a look at them.

I started from 75 kg went to 87kg.
My favorite exercise would be,
Benchpress : 120 pounds to 180 pounds

I can post pictures here too if people stop telling me what I already know and help me understand what I don’t know? If I was that wise, why in the world would I come here and ask for help? :joy:

This is not pretty, if it is your 1 rep max. I find it difficult to suggest to anyone the use of AAS who cannot Bench Press their own body weight.

You started being able to Bench Press 72.6% of your body weight. And at the end you were able to BP 93.8% of your body weight.

If you might have followed some of my comments in other threads, you would know that I expect a man who works out with weights should be able to Bench Press 150% of your body weight for at least one rep.

Dear sir, this weight is for 3 sets of 10 reps. This isn’t my 1 rep max. And you’re right, however the problem was majorly my diet and too much AAS quantity for starters.

So I guess the best option right now is to stay away from steroids and keep working out? Or should get back to gym, workout a month or two and come back here to get an advice on the protocol to follow?

Are we being trolled here? You started cycling steroids with a sub 1-plate bench?

Please DO post pictures. I want to know exactly what was going on in your head to make you think you needed steroids.

You need to fucking eat, sleep, and train for like you actually have some fucking ambition. Jesus christ.

Post all of your stats and your diet/training. Pics would be helpful as well. You are way more than a month or two out from another cycle. Lets get the other stuff fixed first.

Here’s a thought. Try staying at 180lbs for 3 sets of 19 reps. It probably will not be possible and will drop. Keep working out and see where your bench press bottoms out. Naturally, work to get to where you can bench press your body weight for 10 reps.

Then, as long as you keep progressing that is good. Give yourself at least a full year clean before revising any thoughts of an AAS cycle.

What you need is any of 531 books, food and some 3 years of constant training progresing each month, all those 3 years. After that, post stats and pics and we will do a cycle for you.

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Perfect, thank you guys. I will get back with the stats. Take care everyone :100:

Well cut anadrol and there goes the puffy nips and the reflux. You know your diet caused the water retention. And you can take stuff for your lipids.

There ya go