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Need Major Routine Advice


monday_ chest
bench press 5x5
incline bench press 5x5
2 sets of flys 10 to 12 reps

tuesday_ back and bis and traps
chin ups (until failure)
Deads 5x5
Bentover rows 5x5
3 sets of bicep curls 6 _8 reps
2 sets of preacher curls 10_12 reps
3 sets of shrugs 10_ 12 reps

wednesday_ rest

thursday _shoulders and tris
5x5 seated shoulder press
3 sets of seated dumbell laterial raises 10_12 reps
5x5 BB close grip bench press
2 sets of cable pushdowns at 12 to 15 reps ( is this to much to add?)

friday_ legs
squats 5x5
leg press 5 sets at 12 to 15 reps
should i add 2 sets of stiff leged deadlifts at say 12 to 15 reps

i would train 3 times a week but i realy do not like training shoulders or tris after chest it just is a killer i cant perform properly or is 3 days a week a neccessity when on 5x5

is this to much volume and is there enough back work? also is there any specific rest time in between sets for 5x5, i normaly rest between 2 and 3 minutes



not enough pulling movements and nowhere nera enough for legs. are you a beginner? what are your stats? just do a regular 5x5 programme


leg press
leg extension

leg curl
Another ham movement (if needed)

this is more like a leg workout...it's not perfect but better than the one you got :slight_smile:


Why fry your nervous system at the beginning with an all out set(s?) of chin ups AND THEN start deadlifting?
And I agree, you got a push-pull-push-legs, which is suboptimal [stupid].
Do push pull legs, or Starting Strength's ABA, BAB etc

Just pick an established program, it's no biggy.


found my old thread lol, well okay i can sort my leg workout now, erm no not a beginner been training for 2 years i weigh 13.6 stone 5ft 11 11% bodyfat, i would only train 3 times a week but i hate doing shoulder and tris together i find it extremely difficult to train them with correct focus and form after hitting chest
well i can only do 5 chin ups just started doing them so there almost a warmup after me after my warmup of cardio before i hit the deads i dnt feel they compromise my deads in any way

so how would any of you guys set out a 5x5 program for 4 days using the exersises above, i was thinking that an incline 5x5 was a bit to much so i was going to reduce that to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps